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IICMI Contact Center Expo and Conference 2018

Why Should You Come and See Us at The ICMI Contact Center Expo & Conference 2018

If you own or manage a contact center or deal with customers at all, then you should give serious thought to attending this year’s ICMI Contact Center Expo & Conference. This event is all about innovations and strategies to help you excel in customer support, and Comm100 will be there!

The 2018 edition will be held from 21st to 24th May at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. For this year’s event, the main attraction will be the Disney Tour christened “Business behind the Magic” which will give Disney’s perspective on customer support.

You can expect to see presentations from more than 30 of the most prominent companies in the world extolling the virtues of exceptional customer service. Perhaps even better though, you can also find us there!

Our Booth

We’ll be at booth number 343 to showcase our live chat system, including demonstrations of our Chatbot, Knowledge Base and Social Media integrations.

Drop by our booth and we’d be glad to tell you all about how our solutions make a difference in organizations around the world. We can walk you through some specific case studies that embrace the integration our solution offers, and we can also answer any questions you might have about implementing our chat solution in your organization.

If you’re a current customer, please do drop by and chat about your experiences with our solutions. Even if you’re not a customer, we’d love for you to come by, check out our system and hear more about how we can help you to achieve better customer experiences.

What’s the ICMI Contact Center Expo & Conference All About?

Each year, the Expo brings together some 1500 industry professionals to learn from the industry’s preeminent speakers, practitioners, companies, and solution providers. The result is a convergence of people, ideas, and technologies that empower your career, your customers, and your organization.

So, what will be happening at the Expo? There are a lot of different activities going on, including:

  1. Case Studies and Solutions

    Case studies are a significant help to organizations since they allow executives to scrutinize different customer profiles and obtain much-needed data for future projects. The ICMI recognizes this and has prepared 27 case studies to be showcased from May 21 to 23. Business executives will be exposed to more than 100 solution providers (including Comm100 at booth 343) all eager to share new and cutting-edge technologies, systems and strategies to meet and exceed customer expectations.

  2. Expert Speakers & Entertainment

    Speakers cannot buy a spot to speak at the ICMI expo, and all speakers are vetted by ICMI’s Advisory Board. This year will see 38 new speakers making their debut, including delegates from Best Western, MetricNet, Johnson & Johnson and MetLife. These experienced speakers will talk about topics like operational efficiency, analytics, and customer experience. Apart from the speakers, attendees will be treated to performances from Grammy-winning composer Eric Whitacre, Nataly Kogan (Happiness Expert), Ernesto Salas and the Disney Institute.

  3. Exciting and Informative Tours

    Disney’s “The Business behind

  4. the Magic” tour will be the headline tour of the expo, where attendees will learn about customer service tactics and insights behind the customer experience success of Disney.
  5. Some Fun Too

    It doesn’t have to be all work though. The ICMI award party will have a Havana Nights theme which is sure to produce a fun environment for relaxation. This is a great opportunity to network, and also see all of the booths and what they have to offer. Make sure that you visit the food hall and the food trucks also as there’s lots to sample and enjoy!


We hope to see you at the ICMI Contact Center Expo. We’re really passionate about customers and ensuring that they receive the best service, so it’s important for us to be at the Expo, as one of 2018’s top CX industry events. We believe that we can help you make a difference and we would love to show you how!

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Download now: How to Create Perfect Knowledge Base

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Hutch has been involved with the Internet and technology from the days of dial-up and has been involved in building and growing successful customer service and technical support teams globally. He has a deep and abiding passion for customers and is always looking for ways to make his teams as efficient and productive as possible. In his spare time, Hutch focuses on sharing his knowledge and enjoys spending time with his family.