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The Future Contact Centre – How CCaaS Providers Can Deliver Digital with a Single Partnership featured image

The Future Contact Centre – How CCaaS Providers Can Deliver Digital with a Single Partnership

As customer service operations continue to digitalize, CCaaS providers are quickly recognizing that a telephone-only offering is restricting customer base and growth. As today’s consumers increasingly prefer to get support digitally, organizations are meeting these expectations by offering a range of digital customer service channels, from live chat and chatbots to SMS. 

To meet these demands, contact centre solution providers must add digital channels to expand their product offering. But the key question is, what is the most effective way to deliver this? 

On the one hand, CCaaS providers could look to build their own digital platform, with high upfront costs and long time to market. On the other hand, they could partner with a digital communications platform like Comm100 and begin providing a complete omnichannel offering to their customers in weeks. Book a call today with Comm100 today to explore partnership options and we’ll sweeten the deal with a free gift box. 

The benefits of partnering with Comm100 to deliver omnichannel communications

1. Lower upfront costs

To build your own digital omnichannel platform, CCaaS providers must invest significant amounts of money, with costs often spiraling as each channel is added and more and more money is invested into R&D for product development. 

On the other hand, by partnering with Comm100, solution providers save all this upfront cost as our award-winning platform is complete and ready-to-go with every key digital channel your customers want – live chat, voice bots, chatbots, email, SMS, and social media. 

2. Quickest route to market 

Just as building your own platform takes considerable upfront cost, it also takes considerable time too. Comm100 has spent 11 years creating its digital omnichannel platform – so you don’t have to! 

Deltapath, a communication solution provider, partnered with Comm100 to deliver omnichannel capabilities to their customers in weeks, not years. Here’s what they had to say about the partnership and speed of integration: 

“What could have taken us years, literally took us minutes. Combining our unified communications technology with the Comm100 platform allowed us to extend our capabilities with features like data analytics and AI-powered chatbot, offering us a huge advantage in the marketplace – for both growth and customer retention. We have grown our pipeline 50% in 6 months by being able to extend voice with a platform that offers all communication channels and gives our customers the opportunity to choose the channel (s) that is best for them.”

– David Liu, CEO and Founder, Deltapath 

3. Simple integration 

Integrating Comm100’s digital platform is a breeze. CCaaS providers can choose to integrate Comm100 into their software, or vice versa. With embedded feature configuration, off-the-shelf integrations, and a highly flexible set of APIs, integration is simple and quick. 

You can check out just how easy it is to integrate with Comm100 with our API documentation

4. Full flexibility 

Comm100 offers the full omnichannel experience, from live chat and chatbots to social media and SMS. Partners can choose to integrate the full platform, or just pick and choose which channels they want now and expand their product scope as and when they want. Each product can also be white-labelled to create brand consistency and increase stickiness with customers. 

Next steps

If you would like to learn more about Comm100’s omnichannel partnership and extend your capabilities with a flexible, reliable, and secure digital platform that adds real value to your solution stack and delivers new margin to your bottom line,  book a call with us today!

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