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The Best Call Center Team Names of 2018

The Best Call Center Team Names

Note: This blog post was originally published on March 8, 2018, and as it is one of our most popular posts, we have updated it to include the latest research, up-to-date statistics and best practices in this topic.

When it comes to building a smoothly functioning and well-knit team, a lot of factors have to be taken into consideration. Apart from appointing team functions based on skills and personality, team cohesion has to be kept uppermost in mind.

One often forgotten aspect of team cohesion is a team name. You might be wondering “What’s in a name?”, But it is more important than you might think. Team names can have a huge impact on both the team and other teams in the company. Here are a few benefits of coining a name for your call center team, and we’ll walk through some examples too.

Creates a Good First Impression

As the saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” First impressions are more crucial for businesses. The right name (and more commonly the wrong one) can make or break the first impression of your team.

In naming your team, you’ll need to decide what aspects of your team you want your team name to represent. Is it experience, youthfulness, creativity or reliability?

The team name will be a significant contributor to the opinions your customers (internal or external) create about your team’ capabilities, before they get to know the members. An example is “Old Hats”, which portrays experience but sets up the team as rigid and slow to change. A creative name like “Call It In” for a call center complaints handling team can portray creativity and reliability.

Your Team Gets an Identity

Just like we highlighted in the first paragraph, building a team involves bringing together people with different personalities and often different identities.

For a team to be successful, individual identities have to be incorporated into a single identity with shared values and goals adopted. A shared identity helps keep the team on track and sets up a mutual goal or direction for the team to ensure that all members are pulling in the same direction. It also enhances team cohesion since team members know what to expect from others, hence making it easier to work together on projects. This brings us to the next point…

Encourages Team Bonding

The myriad of personalities of your team members do not always naturally mix, and internal conflicts can arise. But as psychologists came to discover, being part of a named team makes team activities more important and realistic to the individuals.

People pool their resources and skills for a common objective – that is, a “we” mentality. Members of a named team could be more likely to make more of an effort to get along with other teammates through giving them a shared identity.

They are therefore more liable to share knowledge, establish internal communication, offer feedback, and support fellow teammates to achieve their goals. Apart from this, a team name makes people more accountable, since a team name encourages members to claim ownership of tasks. It motivates individual members to do and complete great things in the name of the team, and improves accountability for individual and team-based tasks.

While it might sound somewhat trite, team building activities do have a positive impact on groups. This is especially true in larger organizations where staff do not have an opportunity to interact with each other on a regular basis. Having a unified name for the team provides a similar function. It “implies” that the other members of the group are of the same type and have gone through the same training.

The Basics of Forming a Team Name

Instead of jumping the gun and coming up with a cringe-worthy team name because you are the team manager, you should be more methodical and democratic when naming the team – in fact, you really do not want to be the person creating the name at all.Preferably, this honor should go to the team itself.

First, set a general theme that your team members will draw inspiration from. This can be your goals, your reputation or a name that sums up your team’s characteristics.

Secondly as already mentioned, encourage team members to develop their own team name. Agents should be comfortable saying “The Band of Merry Men” or any name they chose when discussing the team.

When a team member suggests a name, pass it along for approval from all team members without shooting it down yourself.

Inspiration can also come from customers. One of my previous customers, for example, was completely dumbfounded about how we solved his issue. He referred to us as “wizards.” My small team at the time took this to heart and decided to go with a Lord of the Rings theme. We became the Fellowship, and each member of the team took on the persona of one of the characters from the book. It made for some fascinating conversations – however, at the end of the week, we all enjoyed a good flagon of ale … er, beer, at a local pub.

As the team leader, you should work under the mantra of “Change the language, change the culture,” whereby positive team names (and sometimes office names) can have a positive influence on the work culture. Remember that the team name is more important to employees than it is to customers, and therefore should be relatable to the employees themselves.

Ideas for Creative Call Center Team Names

There are many themes that you can use to give your customer support center a name. You can, for instance, use the name of local landmarks, tourist attractions, local celebrities, superheroes or superhero teams, movie titles, industry-specific names and so forth.

If you want an excellent example of innovative and relevant names, look at the sports team names in the NFL, NBA, and NHL. Names like Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors, and Michigan State Spartans all portray a group of fighters and warriors. Other names are more related to industry, for example, the Chicago Bulls and Green Bay Packers (NFL). These are examples of how a team name can bring out a certain attribute. Other team name ideas include:

1. Names of Local Landmarks or Tourist Spots

You can create a team name from local landmarks and/or tourist attractions. It is best to coin the name from a local landmark which the whole team can relate to.

A landmark that is close to the call center is great if incentives are involved. For example, the “Capitol Team” can be used for a Washington call center team and “Liberty Bell Squad” for a team near the Liberty Bell landmark in Philadelphia, and contest winners can win a trip to these places.

Other examples include:

  • “Big Ben,” “Buckingham Palace,” “London Bridge” and “The London Eye” for London;
  • “Atlantic City Walkers” for New Jersey,
  • “Plymouth Rockstars” for Massachusetts and
  • “The Alcatraz Team” for San Francisco or
  • “The Bay” for both San Francisco and Miami.

Tumblr has taken this approach and names conference rooms after famous buildings in their headquarters in New York – you have the Flatiron Room, Carnegie Room, and Orion Room for example.

2. Using Famous Local People for Team Name Inspiration

Another inspiration source to derive team names from is local celebrities. You could use reals name or character names.

For instance, Mashery named their conference rooms after characters from “The Princess Bride” a 1987 movie. Names such as Fezzik played by “Andre the Giant,” Buttercup, Vizzini, Inigo, and Westley are used for conference rooms.

Call center teams can use the names of local celebrities or A-list celebrities whose hometown is the call center’s base of operations.

  • Kentucky teams can take up “Johnny Depp”(especially in Owensboro) and
  • “George Clooney” for Lexington;
  • Stratford, Ontario teams, can use “Justin Beiber,”
  • “Carrie Underwood” for Oklahoma,
  • “Steve Carell” Acton, Massachusetts,
  • “Ashton Kutcher” Cedar Rapids, Iowa,
  • “Miley Cyrus,” Franklin, Tennessee, and
  • “The Jonas Brothers” from Wyckoff, New Jersey.

You can also use the names of celebrities who once worked in a call center like Johnny Depp, Vin Diesel, Olly Murs, Jennifer Aniston and Jerry Seinfeld.

3. Industry-Specific Team Names

You can also opt to set a theme on industry-specific team names. We all know how much industry professionals like using jargon to separate themselves from outsiders. Use this to your advantage with industry-specific team names.

This can apply to any industry. For example, tech industry call centers could go with –

  • Tech Giants,
  • Tech Pirates,
  • Technical Knockout,
  • The Wizard of OS,
  • Tech-Army,
  • Command Prompt Center,
  • Techie Prophets,
  • Tech Mayhem and
  • Technocratic Dynamos.

Do you use your call center team to promote and sell products? Consider using the following sales team names –

  • Power Sales,
  • Sales Xpress,
  • Product Pushers,
  • Super Sellers,
  • Sales on a Sail,
  • Sales Wizards,
  • Sultans of Sales,
  • Team ABC (Always Be Closing),
  • Sale Gurus and
  • Prospect Gurus.

Call center teams which double as marketing teams to inform customers of new products can also employ industry-specific team names. Examples include –

  • Business Preachers,
  • Storm Bringers,
  • Market Geeks,
  • Paper Pushers,
  • Markets on the Rise and
  • Marketing Maestros.

An array of industry-specific names are available –

  • Greedy Foodies,
  • Hot Toasters,
  • Delicious Chefs,
  • Out of the Frying Pan (restaurants);
  • Fashion Police,
  • Fashionable Stars,
  • Dress Code,
  • Soothing Print (clothing industry);
  • Wandering Travellers,
  • Backpackers,
  • Hitch Hikers (travel company),
  • Black Box Testers,
  • Wired Technokrats,
  • Machine Specialists,
  • Quality Control (technical support).


These are just a few ideas to incorporate when coming up with a team name. You can also use funny puns and jokes for team names. However, you should be careful with these – make sure they don’t rub customers or other stakeholders the wrong way! Call center puns such as “Call Girls” or “Call me Crazy” can create the wrong first impression.

Although team names might seem frivolous, they can have a real impact on team cohesion, identity and success. Have you given your team a name already? Did it have a positive impact? If you haven’t given your team a name yet, have you thought about it? What have you considered? Let us know in the comments below.

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