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Why Businesses are Choosing White Label Live Chat

If you want to offer good customer service, live chat is no longer a ‘nice to have’. Customers expect instant responses to their problems, and with real-time live chat, a company of any size can deliver. 

In today’s digital-first world, live chat has become the most popular digital communication channel. 46% of customers prefer live chat compared to just 29% for email. And when they use it, they will almost always want to use it again – live chat has the highest customer satisfaction rate of any channel at 92%

So live chat is a must – but developing your own live chat software is no easy feat. It’s taken Comm100 more than a decade to perfect its live chat solution. But here’s the good news: you don’t have to ask your R&D team to invest time, money, and engineering resources to develop your own live chat solution. This is where white label live chat comes into play. 

With a white label live chat service, you can provide your customers with the most popular digital communication software with a click of your fingers (almost!) while retaining complete control of your brand. 

What is white label live chat? 

White labeling is not a new concept – it has been a production mainstay in many industries for decades. Take the automotive industry for example. Did you know that many car parts are made by third-party companies and not by the brands we recognize? Some are obvious, like tires, but others like the radio, engine components, exhaust, suspension, and more are made by companies not owned by GM.  

Let’s clarify what we mean by white label software. This is software sold by one company to another without branding so the latter can rebrand it and sell it as their own product to their clients. In essence, they are ‘renting’ the software from the creators, with the added benefit of placing their logo and trademarks on it.  

So with a white label live chat service, a company can offer live chat to their website visitors with their own branding, as if the software belongs to them.  

Now that we’ve clarified what it is, let’s dig into the key benefits of white label live chat software.

What are the benefits of white label live chat? 

I’m going to assume you’re already sold on the benefits of live chat as a digital customer service channel (if you’re not convinced, read this blog: Top 10 Live Chat Benefits you Need to Know (think increased sales, reduced expenses, and improved customer loyalty).  

Here’s why choosing white label instead of building it yourself makes sense:

1. Avoid the cost and time of building your own software 

Live chat is simple and quick for customers to use, but it isn’t to build. As with many tech platforms, creating a live chat solution from scratch takes considerable amount of time and resources – especially for more sophisticated capabilities. Comm100 began building its live chat solution 11 years ago and will continue to invest deeply in making improvements into the future.   

By using a white label live chat solution you can skip all of this work and plug in your custom-built chat to your customers’ websites and mobile apps in no time.  

2. Keep control of your brand  

For many companies, retaining control of their brand name is non-negotiable. With a white label live chat, you put your organization’s name on another company’s software, making you a live chat software vendor literally overnight. 

Many organizations have spent years building their brand and gaining customer trust. If you’re the same, wouldn’t you want to offer live chat with your branding and continue to reap the full benefits of your efforts? 

3. Greater customization to suit your customers’ needs 

The level of customization for your live chat varies from vendor to vendor. However, what is typically common among them is that the white label option offers a lot more customization. 

Comm100’s white label platform, for example, allows your customers to manage the style, color and font of the chat button, as well as the appearance, color background, and avatars in the chat window – and a lot more. They can even use CSS for greater personalization. With this flexibility they can ensure that your live chat software perfectly matches their brand and website design. 

Are you ready to offer white-label live chat? 

If you think that your organization could benefit from white label live chat, then you’ve come to the right place. With Comm100 you can add our award-winning white label live chat software to your roster and open a new revenue stream as you position your brand  more broadly. We work with a wide range of white label partners in a range of industries including healthcare, e-commerce, CRM, and more. If you prefer a reseller or systems integrator relationship, we would be happy to discuss that as well. 

To find out more about our white label live chat offering, read our solution sheet

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