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White Label Chat Service – What to Expect And How to Use For Your Business?

The modern consumer is looking for the easiest and quickest way to access your products or services. Any delays in service provision can lead to client loss, decreased revenue, and injured brand reputation. 

With the revelation that up to 75 percent of consumers expect to see a live chat offered over any other communication channel, companies and businesses are now prioritizing investment in white label chat software to better service their customers and improve their response times. Offering live chat helps companies engage their customers in real-time conversations so they can better understand their pain points and offer ideal solutions.

Here‘s everything you should expect in a white label live chat service.  

What is a white label chat service?

White label chat is a chat solution offered by a vendor to a business or company for communication purposes. Ideally, unlike the other standard chatting platforms, the white label chat service doesn’t show the vendor’s logo, domain, or any other type of vendor-specific branding.

The companies that buy the chat service can then brand and use it as their own or resell it for profit. In a nutshell, you can rent white label live chat software from creators and place your own logo and trademarks on it for your own (and your customers’) benefit. 

Features and functionalities of a white label live chat  

There are several types of white label live chat platforms with various features and functionalities. However, some of the typical default features include:

Quick messaging

A Quick Messaging feature is an instant messaging application that enables secure conversation between two users or groups of users concurrently. This feature allows a conversation to reach the other end in no time.

Video calling 

The video calling feature enables users to have face-to-face communication by connecting them across the board virtually. Some advanced products in the market come with video calling features that also allow for group call conversations. 

File sharing

With a white label chat platform, users can easily share all kinds of media files, links, images, contacts, and documentation. It enables customers to share their details easily with your team, making it easy to do business and enhancing the overall customer experience. 

Analytics and dashboard

Analytics enable a business to manage the chat app’s performance and gain beneficial insights on the user base, data usage, and the active users in real-time, all listed on the dashboard.

Why choose a white label live chat?

In today’s highly digitized business world, live chat is becoming a popular communication tool preferred by most consumers. Essentially, up to 46 percent of customers prefer live chat compared to just 29 percent for email. Unfortunately, developing your live chat software takes a lot of effort, expertise, and resources. Luckily, you can still enjoy the benefits that come with a custom live chat by renting the service from an ideal vendor. 

Benefits of white label chats include:

Greater customization

The white label option offers more customization over the standard live chat services. The best white label platform allows users to add and manage their preferred style, color, and font to the chat button. It also offers more freedom on the choice of color, appearance, background, and avatars in the chat window. Such flexibility guarantees the live chat software matches the user’s brand and website design.

More control of your brand 

If you are involved in any marketing, you know too well that retaining control of your brand is non-negotiable. A white label live chat platform allows you to put your organization’s name and logo on the live chat software to build your brand, and gain customer trust.

Avoid costs of building a software

Although live chat platforms come with a lot of simplicity and greater usability, they are typically not easy to build. Like all the other tech platforms, developing an efficient live chat solution takes a lot of effort, time, and resources. By opting for a white label live chat solution, you give your customers access to a custom-built chat platform while avoiding the costs and time of building your own software.

Improved security

Studies show that 64 percent of American consumers are concerned about the security of their data with companies. Having a white label solution can help address these concerns. White label solutions leverage on-cloud or on-premise data storage to mitigate the rising threat from hackers.

Satisfied and happy customers

Customer satisfaction has everything to do with how you deliver your products and services. When you white label your communication solutions, you are assured of a more efficient value chain that guarantees customers are experiencing valuable transactions with your brand.

Implementing white label chat: the key steps

Step 1: Market research

Your first step when implementing a white label live chat app is to conduct market research. The market features several apps, and it is crucial to pick a product that meets your needs. 

The following are a few things to keep in mind when conducting market research:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • On-time delivery
  • Support system
  • Scalability and security
  • Quality of software
  • Company goodwill

Step 2: Integration

Once you have selected your preferred white label live chat solution, your next step is to implement it into your system. Although a white label chat solution comes as a complete product that has already been built and tested for the market, it is crucial that you re-test it to ensure it integrates easily into your existing applications. 

Step 3: Validation and deploy

Before you allow your customers to use the service, it is vital to validate the platform first. Have an expert check the white label chat solution to ensure that the security and scalability measures align with your company and industry requirements.

Improve customer experience with a white label live chat service

Live chats boast the highest customer satisfaction rate of any channel at 92 percent. Ideally, when customers use one, they will almost always want to use it again. As such, in today’s highly competitive marketplace, a live chat platform is a must-have tool for your business. Specifically, opting for a white label live chat service enables you to identify new revenue opportunities, improve client satisfaction, and enhance your business’s core competencies. If you have any questions or need help to get started with a white label live chat service, contact us today.

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