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The Best Live Chat Examples – 5 Use Cases for Any Industry

Live chat is everywhere. It’s the most popular digital customer service channel, and everyone knows the basics of what live chat is. But what many people don’t know is just how many ways it can be used for different goals, in different industries. From sales and lead generation, to engagement and loyalty, live chat is an incredibly flexible tool. 

To show you some of the ways live chat software can be used, and how it can benefit both your customers and agents, here are our top 5 live chat examples to inspire you. (It’s definitely not an exhaustive list!) 

1. Dawson College – Hosting a virtual open house with live chat & video engagement 

Every fall, Dawson College in Montreal runs an open house event for students to visit the college, speak to department representatives, and decide if they want to study there in the coming year. 

In 2020, Covid-19 restrictions rendered the traditional open house event impossible. As an essential part of its enrollment strategy, administrators feared that without the event there would be a significant drop in enrolment. 

Already offering Comm100 Live Chat and knowing how popular it was with current and prospective students, Dawson College came up with the idea of holding a virtual open house event through live chat. 

The virtual open house took place over several days and saw almost 1000 students from 17 countries speak with hundreds of department reps. Dawson College understood that developing a personal connection with the students was essential, so they also incorporated Comm100’s video chat tool so they could speak face-to-face. As a browser-based solution, students could launch the video with a click of a button – no downloads, plug-ins, or special apps required. 

“Speaking with the students over video meant our college representatives had the chance to connect with the students on a more personal level, as if they were face-to-face. This is so important to developing relationships with the students and allowed us to recreate the experience of our typical, in-person open house events.” 

Derek Gaucher, Coordinator of IT Solutions at Dawson College 

Read the full story here – Dawson College Holds Virtual Open House with Video Engagement

2. Fitbit – Driving almost $4 million in sales 

Back in 2019, Fitbit Health Solutions – the B2B side of the popular fitness tracking watch maker – were in the need of lead generation tool that would make it easier for prospects to connect with them. At the time, prospects were forced to fill out an online form to get in touch with the sales team which was stunting engagement, and sales as a result.  

After extensive research, Fitbit realized live chat was the missing piece of the puzzle – a channel that would allow them to drive higher engagement by connecting prospects immediately to agents and getting them the answers to their questions as quickly as possible. 

Fitbit launched Comm100 Live Chat on their site and the impact was immediate. They sourced $6 million worth of pipeline and closed $4 million in revenue in just over one year through live chat. 

“To date, we have $6 million in opportunities sourced from chat and have closed about $4 million of that. In addition, our sales team loves it. The handoff from support is seamless, it’s brought in great leads, and has led to shorter sales cycles. Comm100 is a great way to interact with customers in real time. Instead of taking 24 to 48 hours to respond to a request for information through our ‘Contact Us’ form, we can get it to the sales team instantly. When we’re more responsive, we’re a lot more likely to close the deal, and do it faster too.” 

Joanie Gentile, Sr. Business Operations Manager at Fitbit Health Solutions 

Thanks to Comm100 Live Chat’s Salesforce integration, inquiries that come through live chat can be seamlessly passed to the Sales department, allowing the assigned sales rep to pick up the conversation right where it left off. 

Read the full story here – Fitbit generated $6M in pipeline with help from Comm100 Live Chat

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Powerful live chat software

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3. Canadian Blood Services – Connecting with their digital-first customers (and increasing appointments) 

The success of Canadian Blood Services’ work is dependent on its ability to attract and retain donors. This requires a lot of engagement and communication, and while phone had been their primary customer support channel for many years, it’s unpopularity, particularly with their younger donor demographic, was causing issues. 

Canadian Blood Services (CBS) recognized that a digital customer service channel could lower these barriers to engagement, reduce abandonment rates, and increase appointment bookings — and live chat was the perfect solution to provide this. 

“We knew that we weren’t reaching a whole demographic profile because we were only offering phone and email support. If we wanted to connect with these potential donors, we had to provide them with a digital channel that was convenient and instant — and live chat was the obvious answer.” 

Denny Michaud, Customer Relations Manager at Canadian Blood Services 

Once Comm100 Live Chat was set up, CBS began to receive an average of 7000 chats a month. Importantly, call volumes didn’t increase within the same period which proved that, while some donors still preferred to call, there many others who were so uncomfortable with calling that they simply wouldn’t reach out at all. 

On top of this, customer satisfaction (CSAT) ratings shot up to 4.5/5 and agents embraced the new software. As Denny explained: “It really helped to invigorate the team, and we know that happier agents lead to better service to our donors — so it really is a win-win.” 

Read the full story here – Comm100 Live Chat Helps Canadian Blood Services Connect with Digital-First Customers

4. Lake Michigan Credit Union – Boosting member engagement 

As a credit union, Lake Michigan Credit Union’s (LMCU) goal is to improve the lives of their members. LMCU wanted to deepen their commitment to and engagement with members by being as accessible as possible and providing true omnichannel customer engagement. 

Observing the emergence of live chat as a service channel for credit unions back, LMCU chose to do the same and launched Comm100 Live Chat. Comm100’s solution integrated smoothly with LMCU’s existing  voice, email, and online banking channels. Members also love the convenience of chatting in the mobile app, so they can get answers on the go quickly and easily. 

“We’ve received nothing but positive responses. Members love the ease of being able to be anywhere and connect with us over chat instead of having to go into a branch or calling in. They really enjoy the convenience of live chat overall.” 

Jasmina Duric, Manager of E-Services and Support Department 

Thanks to Comm100’s robust security standards, members can retrieve account information safely and securely through the live chat window. 

Read the full story here – Lake Michigan Credit Union scales better member engagement with Comm100 Live Chat

5. Phenomenex – Serving a global audience 24/7 

Phenomenex is a global manufacturing leader in liquid and gas chromatography. While their industry may not be well known, their customer service pain point was: With a global audience located in many different time zones, they needed to figure out how provide scalable and cost-effective 24/7 customer support. They quickly identified live chat as a channel that could meet their needs. 

“Our audience base is global, and we need to be available on all the different time zones. If you have an urgent issue you can confidently go on our website and connect to a live chat rep and get the answer you need. Today live chat is so valuable for the customer experience.” 

Jason Lee, Marketing Technologist, Phenomenex 

Given their international audience, auto-translation for chats was also non-negotiable. Comm100 Live Chat can translate more than 100 languages automatically, helping Phenomenex agents speak with all their customers, anytime, virtually anywhere. 

Within a year of launch, Phenomenex’s average customer satisfaction score was 96% – almost 13 points above the industry benchmark of 83.1% at that time. 

Read the full story here – Serving a global audience through phenomenal customer experiences

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