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Task Bot: Simple but Effective 24/7 Automated Support featured image

Task Bot: Simple but Effective 24/7 Automated Support

24/7 support is becoming commonplace among well-resourced teams. Automation is too, passing off routine and repetitive tasks to technology like chatbots so agents have more time to spend on complex or high-value tasks, improving customer experience. 

As this quality of support becomes commonplace, consumers expect it from every brand they interact with – no matter their size – and this has far-reaching consequences. A study of 5,000 consumers found that 56% of customers would stop buying from a business simply because they experienced slow customer service. 

With Comm100 Task Bot, offering this level of support becomes instantly attainable. Here’s how.

What is Comm100 Task Bot? 

Comm100 Task Bot guides customers through a series of questions and answers to resolve common FAQs and perform routine tasks like booking a meeting, signing up for a newsletter or event, and more. It’s completely automated so businesses can offer 24/7 customer support, letting their customers get information whenever it’s convenient for them. This improves engagement and customer satisfaction. 

It’s particularly easy to build too, with no technical expertise or coding needed – users can pick from a selection of pre-built templates or create their own with a simple to use drag-and-drop bot builder. 

Better still, Comm100 Task Bot is included within everyone of Comm100’s plans so you don’t need to devote high levels of budget or resources. Task Bot is also connected with Comm100 Live Chat so when a visitor needs more help the chat can be instantly and smoothly transferred to a human agent.

Why is Comm100 Task Bot such a game changer? 

1. Increased engagement with 24/7 support 

Today’s consumer wants to connect with brands on their terms – where they want and importantly, when they want. They expect to be able to reach out to a company whenever it suits them. If they can’t connect, the customer won’t hesitate to switch to a competitor that is available. 

However, offering round-the-clock availability isn’t viable for most customer service teams. It’s just too expensive. As a result, these businesses are missing out on the opportunity to connect with prospects, as well as customers – losing both sales and the chance to build loyalty. This is made even worse if their target audiences live in different time zones as these consumers will have even less access to support hours. 

With Comm100 Task Bot, all these challenges are solved instantly. No matter the time or day, Task Bot is there to answer customer questions or point them in the right direction. This 24/7 support will ensure you never miss out on a potential sale or lead and pave the way towards a more engaged and loyal customer base. 

2. Powerful lead generation 

Capturing leads is a top goal for most businesses, and there’s no reason why customer service can’t play its part in this. Comm100 Task Bot can be used as a lead generation tool, prompting visitors to enter their information before or during a chat. This can include name, email, phone number, company name, and much more. 

Once the chat is finished, this information is then automatically stored in the platform. 

There are endless ways to use Task Bot as a lead generation tool, depending on what leads you want to collect. You can create a Task Bot that gathers meeting bookings through Calendly, event registrations, demos, newsletter sign-ups, and so much more. And because the chat has a more conversational and natural style, visitors will be more likely to provide their details than on a static form. 

3.  A popular self-serve option  

Many website visitors enjoy engaging with customer service agents to get their query solved – but many don’t. Many customers would rather just find the solution to their problem by themselves. This is known as self-serve, and it’s a key aspect of any customer support operation. 70% of customers now expect a company’s website to include a self-serve option. 

Enter Comm100 Task Bot which lets the customer quickly find the answer to their query without interacting with an agent. This also helps to reduce team workload which decreases wait time and allows agents to focus on other, more complex queries. Which takes us on to our next benefit… 

4. Improved use of agent time 

In many customer service teams, agents are not just responsible for one channel. They may have to handle live chat, email, and phone all at the same time. They may even have additional responsibilities beyond customer service.  

Because of this, agent time is precious. Every extra conversation on live chat is time that could have been spent on other important tasks. And on top of this, a large portion of queries are simple, common FAQs that are easy to answer, but still take up a considerable amount of your agents’ time. 

With Comm100 Task Bot, you can automate all these repetitive FAQs. When a customer asks a common question via live chat, the Task Bot can manage the question without any agent involvement, either answering their question directly or pointing them to the right resource to help them. As a result, agents not only have much more time to handle other channels or tasks – they can also devote more time on what we call ‘higher value’ questions. These can include: 

  • Sales enquiries that you want your top agent on to seal the deal 
  • Complex questions that require complex answers that the bot may struggle with 
  • Sensitive issues that need a human touch 

Agents can even trigger a Task Bot during a conversation with a customer if they need to be taken through a routine task. For example, a customer may ask a common question about a troubleshooting issue that would involve the agent taking them through a number of typical steps. Instead of using up valuable time on a routine task, the agent can select the ‘troubleshooting Task Bot’ from within the live chat window and the Task Bot will take the customer through the workflow with messages and prompts. In the meantime, the agent can then get on with other tasks and return once the Task Bot has finished. 

5. Route chats to the right agent or resource 

Many live chat teams set up a pre-chat survey or form to find out the nature of the customer’s query. This makes sure the chat is direct to the best agent or resource to deal with that question, making the experience fast, smooth, and helpful. 

However, because these forms are static, they can be unappealing to the visitor and put them off from initiating the chat. With Comm100 Task Bot, this pre-chat tool is dynamic and conversational, so the customer is more likely to provide their details. This makes sure that the visitor is always routed to the right agent or resource for the job so they receive the very best customer experience.

Chatbots and automation

Chatbots and automation

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