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Hey Good Lookin’! Announcing Comm100’s New and Improved Live Chat Designs

Hey Good Lookin’! Announcing Comm100’s New and Improved Live Chat Designs

We’re excited to announce that Comm100 Live Chat has a fresh new look – helping you to better engage your customers and provide a thoughtfully designed chat experience for all of your website visitors.

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The way your website appears is hugely important to your customers – and your live chat interface is no exception to that. Research shows that a huge 94% of first impressions of a brand are design-related, and 75% of judgements on website credibility are based on overall aesthetics.

Because the look and feel of your live chat system is just as important as the design on the rest of your website, with these new changes, we hope to help you attract and engage even more customers.

What’s more, all of our Shared Server clients are being upgraded to these new designs for free.

Let’s explore these changes in more detail.

Adaptive Chat Button with Animation

Sometimes it’s easy for customers to get lost in the content of your website – so much so that they can overlook the chat button entirely, causing them to abandon your site if they can’t find the answers they need.

This poses issues for people who are concerned about promoting their live chat. How can the ability to chat be appropriately signaled to the customer, without being too annoying or looking unprofessional? Pop-up notifications letting customers know about the presence of chat can be unwanted or cover up content on your site that customers would rather see.

Our new adaptive chat button has an interactive animation that’s designed to be modern and eye-catching without being too heavily animated or distracting. You can customize the color of the adaptive button to match your company color scheme, helping you achieve a look that’s fully integrated with your site.

The adaptive button is also fully optimized for mobile and tablet-based browsers, adjusting in size and layout to fit a variety of screens.

Adaptive Chat Button

Chat Window Designs

As we now conduct more and more of our daily interactions online, website visitors have come to expect an easy, frictionless experience that mirrors their interactions with top-performing companies.

With our new chat window designs, we’re aiming to help you to replicate the ease of use and accessibility of industry-leading customer interactions, paving the way towards deeper customer engagement.

We now offer three different styles of chat windows: Classic, Circle, and Lightweight, which each feature a full suite of customization options. They’re thoughtfully designed, easy to use, and beautiful to look at.

The Classic chat window features a boxed chat interface. This is similar to the design offered by Comm100 previously, but with a few extra improvements.

As well as allowing you to set agent avatars, banner images or a combination of agent avatar with company logo, you can also choose a textured background for your chats.

classic chat window

The Circle chat window features a rounded design with a more understated look and feel, which still allows you to customize color schemes and textures to suit your branding.

As with our Classic windows, it’s possible to embed agent avatars, which can feature strongly in this layout to provide a more personal chat experience.

circle chat window

The Lightweight chat window is our most minimalistic design, perfect for websites who want a simple look and feel to their chat. It uses a modern bubble-like design to display new messages. This design is perfect for customers who want to use a basic and straightforward chat interface, helping you to engage customers in a way that’s easy to access while still remaining feature-rich.

lightweight chat window

Research firm Econsultancy has shown that 51% of users prefer using live chat as it enables them to multi-task. Allowing your chat to be minimized means that website visitors can simultaneously chat to your team and browse your website, making it easier for them to make a purchase without unnecessarily eating up their time.

Minimizing Chats with Message Count

Our new chat interfaces also have the advantage of being able to be minimized by the visitor. Any messages sent by an agent while chat is minimized will be indicated by a message count next to the chat button.

minimizing chat window

Chat Invitations

One additional feature we’ve added for those with the Adaptive Chat Button is the ability to show proactive chat invites above your chat button, or above the avatar of the agent who initiates the invitation.

chat invitation

New Banner Images

We’ve added some extra banner images with images of team members. These can be used to give a more personal look and feel to your chat window.

New Header for Chat Window and Offline Message Windows

You can now show Team name and avatars on the header within the chat window header.

It can be useful to add team names where campaign settings route chats to particular departments, so your customers can see where they’re getting routed to. Avatars on the header will also make the chat experience more personalized, showing the friendly faces of your team members ready to help your customers.

new header for chat window and offline message chat windows

I’m a Current Customer, What Happens Next?

In short, your chat window will change to mirror the new Classic design, but no other changes will be made unless you choose them. Even if you have custom CSS, your design choices, color options etc. will remain the same.

You can access the new chat interface design options by accessing your control panel and clicking on the Chat Window and Chat Button menu options to view the new designs available to you.

You can also choose the matching invitation style for Bubble chat windows by clicking on the Invitation menu option.

I’m Interested, Can I See More?

Absolutely! We’re offering the opportunity to get a private tour of our new interface designs, allowing you to see how our customization options will look on your website.

As part of this, we’ll put together a mock-up of what your website will look like with our interface, and you can work with our experts to customize this and see how our new designs suit you and your brand. Just click the button below to book.

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More Options, More Possibilities

With these new chat designs we’re confident that you’ll be able to update the look and feel of your live chat, helping you to modernize the appearance of your service and attract more customers to chat.

Because 38% of customers will stop engaging with a website if its content or layout is unattractive, great chat interface designs don’t just provide aesthetic benefits – they’re a crucial part of your strategy to attract, engage and retain a greater proportion of your customer base.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on these changes, and learn more about how you’ve used them to improve the experiences of your customers – please let us know what you think!

Kaye Chapman

About Kaye Chapman

Kaye is an internationally-experienced writer and trainer, and an MA graduate of University College London, the world’s #1 center for Education and Social Science. Kaye has worked with Fortune 500, governmental and private firms across the world to advance customer service operations and embed leading learning and development strategy. As a specialist in Contact Centers, Kaye is passionate about using technology and training to improve experiences for customers and employees alike. Connect with her on LinkedIn.