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Inclusive Technology: Why Accessible Software Matters for Everyone

In the realm of digital innovation, accessibility is often spotlighted for its impact on end-users, but its significance is just as crucial for the staff operating behind the scenes. Imagine customer service agents – those vital bridges between a company and its customers – grappling with software that ignores their needs. This is why any customer service software or platform must be universally accessible to its staff that use it, as well as its end users. 

Compliance is Just the Beginning 

Legal compliance with standards such WCAG is often the initial motivator for companies to adopt accessible software. However, the goal should stretch beyond avoiding legal repercussions. It’s about fostering an environment where all employees have equal opportunities. 

Accessible software for staff translates into an inclusive workplace. This inclusivity reflects a company’s commitment to diversity, enabling individuals with disabilities to thrive professionally. 

When staff members have accessible tools tailored to their needs, they also perform better. This heightened efficiency means quicker response times, more effective problem-solving, and a seamless flow of information. Employees who can leverage the full power of their software can focus more on delivering exceptional customer service and less on the obstacles of an uncooperative system. 

Employees who feel supported by their workplace tools are likely to be more engaged and have higher morale. Accessible software is a clear signal to staff that their employer values their contribution and wellbeing. This support can lead to increased job satisfaction, reduced turnover, and a strong, loyal workforce committed to the company’s mission. 

The Essential Elements for Accessible Software 

To provide accessible software to customer service and support staff, there are a number of non-negotiable features that must be provided. Comm100, an omnichannel customer communication platform, provides all these features and more: 

Screen reader compatible 

A screen reader is a form of assistive technology that renders text and image content as speech or braille output, helping those who are visually impaired. Comm100’s agent console is screen reader compatible with popular screen readers, including Jaws, NVDA, and Windows Narrators. This means that the page structure and content can be read by a screen reader and translated into speech or braille to the agent.  

To make the Comm100 platform as accessible as possible, there are also clear announcements of each element’s purpose, such as titles, links, tables, lists, forms/fields, and message content. 

Dark theme 

Comm100’s agent console offers a dark mode or theme. This improves accessibility for users with visual impairments or sensitivity to bright light. It can reduce glare and improve contrast, making it easier for these individuals to navigate and interact with the platform. 

Keyboard support 

Some agents may have trouble operating a mouse and rely on the computer keyboard for web navigation and engagement. Comm100 WCAG compliancy allows users to replace standard mouse actions with keyboard commands, ensuring the platform is accessible to people with motor disabilities. 


The necessity of accessible software for both end-users and staff is undeniable. It is a matter of operational efficiency, legal compliance, and moral responsibility. If software isn’t accessible to agents, it’s not just the agent who’s at a disadvantage – the ripple effect can harm almost every aspect of your customer service operations.  

To learn more about Comm100’s accessible software, click here.

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