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Human-bot Harmony – Perfect the Balance of Human & Bot Engagement

In today’s customer service and support world, expectations are high. Whether demanding faster responses, more personalization, or greater convenience – customers expect a lot when they communicate with brands, and almost all of them think that they’re falling short. 99% of customers believe companies need to improve their service & support.  

To meet these expectations, companies must achieve human-bot harmony – the perfect blend of human agent support and automation across every interaction, and every channel. 

What is Human-Bot Harmony? 

Human-bot harmony is the concept of perfectly balancing the 1-1, personability of human agent support with the efficiency & scalability of bots & automation. When set up correctly with Comm100, this partnership creates the perfect recipe for customer service teams to achieve: 

  • Enhanced CSAT and CX 
  • Increased support capacity
  • Lower costs 
  • Complete consistency & control 

Ingredient 1: Chatbot efficiency

Automation technologies are revolutionizing the way organizations communicate with their customers, with AI showcasing the best of its capabilities. Between 2023 and 2030, AI is expected to experience an annual growth rate of 37.3%

The key benefit that bots & automation can bring to customer service is efficiency and scalability. A single Comm100 AI Chatbot can automate over 80% of all requests, empowering teams to handle more queries without expanding team size or operating hours. 

It’s also worth noting that automation improves CX in two major ways. Firstly, customers have access to immediate, 24/7 support. Secondly, because agents have less queries to respond to, customers who do need human agent support experience shorter wait times and more attentive support.  

Comm100 offers a suite of automation solutions across every key communication channel. We harness the latest tech in generative AI, adopt the best AI models, and utilize multiple LLMs to ensure we keep on top of the evolving AI landscape. Here are some of Comm100’s automation solutions: 

Ingredient 2: Human personability & complexity 

While the efficiency of automation is undeniable, this technology should never function alone. Human engagement is still a vital aspect of student support. Certain complex and sensitive issues often require human empathy, complexity and creativity that no tech can deliver. 

Human support via live chat, email, social media and voice is an essential part of any communication strategy. While bots may often be set up to ‘greet’ requests, customers should always have the option to speak with an agent. This transition from bot to agent must also be seamless, passing the conversation across with all the necessary information and context. Similarly, if a customer wants to speak with an agent when the team is offline, they should be given the opportunity to leave a message that the agent can pick up when they’re back online. 

It’s important to remember that bots aren’t infallible. Even the most advanced AI can make errors so it’s crucial to work with a vendor that gives you complete control over the tech and the human-bot balance. 

What are the key benefits of Human-Bot Harmony? 

The benefits of balancing human-bot engagement across channels and interactions are countless, so here are some of the key advantages to adopting this strategy: 

  • Improves the customer experience 

With the speed and 24/7 support of bots, combined with the personal engagement of agents, you will tick every CX box your customers expect of you. 

  • Increases support capacity at a lower cost 

By automating 80%+ of queries with Comm100 AI Chatbot, teams can handle more queries without increasing operational size or hours. 

  • Delivers personalization 

With the perfect human-bot partnership, coupled with data integrations and intelligent routing, Comm100 empowers agents to deliver personalized, authentic engagement so everyone gets the VIP treatment. 

  • Provides complete consistency 

Comm100’s human-bot harmony gives you complete control over every interaction so customers always receive consistent and accurate support, no matter the channel. 


Every team needs a combination of human and bot support. While human agents are needed for complex & personal support, automation & bots enable efficiency and scalability. Only Comm100 helps you deliver the perfect balance – find out how and join the likes of Stanford University, Canadian Blood Services, and Colgate. 

Kate Rogerson

About Kate Rogerson

Kate is the Content Marketing Manager at Comm100. She has extensive experience in content creation for technology companies across the world, including the UK, Australia and Canada. She specializes in B2B messaging, branding and soccer trivia.