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Free Christmas Trivia Printable – The Comm100 Big Holiday Quiz

It’s Christmas time, and we all know what that means for busy teams.

Your team might be fighting under the weight of increased work, or at the other end of the scale, they may be struggling to keep busy as customer queries trail off.

Either way, you’ve got a motivation issue on your hands:

How do you keep your team happy and engaged enough to deliver consistent service throughout this period?

The festive season is all about showing that you care, and at a time when your employees would probably rather be with their families, doing the last of their shopping, or going to parties, there are things you can do to show you care about the wellbeing of your staff.

Our Free Christmas Printable Quiz is designed for busy managers to give their teams a fun and festive boost this holiday season.

It requires no preparation. Just print it out, distribute, and give your team the day to complete it. Once the day is drawing to a close, print out the answer sheet, and congratulate your winner.

Many of these questions are Google-proof too, so you can be sure your winning team member will be a true festive expert!

The Comm100 Team have researched extensively to put together this quiz for your teams to enjoy – call this a Christmas gift, from us to you.

Download the Quiz

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About Kaye Chapman

Kaye is Comm100’s Learning & Development Manager, an internationally-experienced writer and trainer, and an MA graduate of University College London, the world’s #1 center for Education and Social Science. Kaye has worked with Fortune 500, governmental and private firms across the world to advance customer service operations and embed leading learning and development strategy. As a specialist in Contact Centers, Kaye is passionate about using technology and training to improve experiences for customers and employees alike. Connect with her on LinkedIn.