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Audio & Video Chat in Comm100 Live Chat

Introducing Audio & Video Chat in Comm100 Live Chat

Have you ever had a customer ask to speak with you over the phone during a live chat session? Text chatting is great, but there are times when customers just want to talk about their issues. A customer may want several quick answers to a series of questions, or to address a complicated issue that would take too long to type out. Maybe they’re on the move and it turns out that texting is inconvenient, or maybe it is something else entirely.

The Audio & Video Chat feature in Comm100 Live Chat enables you and your customers to talk over chat at any time. It offers a more personal form of communication, speeds up resolution time, and improves customer experiences for higher satisfaction rates and increased sales.

How You Can Benefit from It

  1. No Downloads or Plugins

    The Audio & Video Chat in Comm100 Live Chat is completely browser based. Customers can request to have an audio or video chat with you with a simple click, and vice versa. There is no need for downloads or plugins.

  2. Audio/Video and Text Chat at the Same Time

    Just like in a Skype call, you can send text messages while on an audio or video call in Comm100 Live Chat. This is helpful when you need accurate information, such as an email address, or when you want to share link.

  3. Reduce Phone Support

    Given the option to speak with a live agent over chat, customers don’t need to resort to the phone support team when they want to talk things through. On their end, this means no more continuous waiting for the phone support team to answer their calls. This not only saves your customers’ time, but also ensures that their issues are addressed in real-time.

  4. More Efficient and Effective Communication

    There is no doubt that talking is faster than typing. When speaking over audio or video calls, you can always get immediate responses and instant feedback from your customers, and vice versa. And the fact that you can gain insight into your customers’ emotions from their intonations and facial expressions helps you better understand the context of, and address your customers’ concerns. For ecommerce sites that sell physical products, video chatting can be a great tool to demonstrate and showcase the products to customers.

  5. Establish More Personal and Trusting Relationships

    Imagine that the plain text chatting from an unknown customer representative is replaced with a friendly voice and a smiling face. Letting customers get to know who is helping them either through a voice or video connection can establish additional trust and build personal relationships with customers. This results in a better customer experience, improves customer satisfaction and boosts sales revenue.

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Anna Zhang

About Anna Zhang

Anna Zhang heads product marketing in Comm100. She spends most of her day in finding ways to have more people benefit from Comm100's products. In her spare time, she likes learning new things and sharing with others. Connect with Anna on LinkedIn.