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Unleashing the Power of Automation – The 5 Most-Used Automated Customer Service Examples

Wherever you look, automation is popping up across customer service teams as organizations look to improve efficiency, reduce support costs, and scale their business.   

While we read about the many benefits of automation in customer service, it can be difficult to know how exactly to introduce this into your own organization. This blog will help you on your way, providing the top automated customer service examples that can be used across industries. 

What is customer service automation? 

Automated customer service refers to the use of technology that provides customer support without human assistance. The tech is often powered by AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning algorithms that can mimic human interaction by understanding and responding to customer queries. 

Automated customer service examples are abundant. They vary in complexity, from automated email responses to intelligent AI chatbots – one of the most common examples of AI in customer service. Their benefits vary too, from increasing efficiency and cutting costs, to providing 24/7 availability and improving the customer experience. Let’s now explore some automated customer service examples to learn how you can bring this tech into your operations. 

What are some automated customer service examples?

Customer service automation can come in many types and forms, some simple and others complex. In this blog, we will cover some of the most common automated customer service examples that you could adopt to improve your team’s and agents’ efficiency and productivity.  

Depending on your needs and team size, here are some automated customer service examples listed by complexity: 

Canned message 

Canned messages are pre-defined answers to frequently asked questions from customers. Agents can select the message response with a click of a button, rather than typing out the full response. As well as public canned messages that all agents can access, individual agents can also create their own private canned messages. 

Pre-defined ticketing response 

When a customer sends a message via your ticketing system, you can send an automated response to let them know that you have received the message and are working to resolve the issue. These communications can also be sent to update and close the ticket status. 

Knowledge base 

A knowledge base is a library of information like a FAQ page that customers can search through themselves, helping them to self-serve rather than reach out for help. 

Task bot 

Task bots guide customers through a series of questions and answers using buttons to resolve their query or complete a task. Task bots can use text, images, videos, and links, and do not require any coding to build. 

Agent Assist 

When a customer sends a message, Agent Assist offers appropriate answers to the agent. The agent can then click the relevant answer and send it to the customer without any time-consuming typing or searching for answers. 

Voice bot 

Voice bots are AI-powered virtual assistants that communicate with customers via speech through digital voice and telephony channels. The questions are interpreted through NLP (Natural Language Processing) and responded to via text-to-speed technology or pre-recorded audio files. Voice bots are great examples of AI in customer service and how this tech can improve efficiency as well as CX.

AI chatbot 

AI chatbots are one of the most common examples of AI in customer service. They are bots that, as the name suggests, are powered by AI – artificial intelligence. This means they can understand the intent and complexities of language so they can engage in more natural conversations with customers and handle more complex questions, as well as complete tasks.  

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