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The 4 Most Effective Chatbot Examples

Customer service is always changing, and there’s no better symbol of the shift in today’s customer service than chatbots. The technology driving chatbots has improved drastically in recent years, and organizations are now racing to introduce automation to their customer service. In the best chatbot examples, organizations save costs, improve service availability, boost efficiency, and more.

With so many ways for chatbots to improve customer service, in this blog we’ll look at four of the most effective chatbot examples across multiple industries. Read on for some of today’s best chatbot examples to inspire you on your bot journey.

1. Automate time-consuming & repetitive requests

Customer service agents play an important role in an organization, but unfortunately the repetitive nature of customer requests can make the work challenging and thankless. Repetitious, heavy workloads can lead to high turnover in customer service, but chatbots are now allowing organizations to improve the agent experience through automation.

With a chatbot in place, basic requests such as password resets or status checks on deliveries can be fully automated. In isolation, these requests take minutes, but in heavy volumes they monopolize an agent’s time. When a chatbot handles these simple requests instead, agents are available to handle more rewarding, higher value tasks and requests. As a result, agents can provide better, more comprehensive support to customers that need the extra attention. When seasonal support volumes increase, chatbots also allow customer service teams to keep up without hiring additional staff.

Our first of four chatbot examples comes from Canadian Blood Services (CBS). CBS sought to connect with more digital-first customers and increase appointment bookings. After seeing success with Comm100 Live Chat, CBS looked to further improve the customer experience with automation. For this, CBS again turned to Comm100, introducing an AI Chatbot. The chatbot returned great results, with more than 70% of all incoming chat requests routed to the bot, and 68% of those resolved without human interaction. Most importantly for CBS, by handling these requests, the bot was able to free up more agent time:

“For us, the chatbot wasn’t launched to reduce agent headcount. It was launched so our agents can spend less time on simple queries, and more on the complicated and high-value queries.”

– Denny Michaud, Customer Relations Manager, Canadian Blood Services

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2. Offer self-service to increase support capacity

As much as today’s customers want customized support, they also want a way to help themselves. One survey found that 70% of customers now expect a self-service portal or content from companies. Since chatbots can handle unlimited numbers of chats, introducing a single chatbot can allow organizations to bring self-serve to all their customers. Where self service materials are already available, a chatbot can efficiently direct customers to the right resources.

The next of our chatbot examples for self-service comes from Kotsovolos, one of the leading electrical and electronics retailers in Greece. Due to Kotsovolos’ high request volume through phone and email, they wanted a way to reduce wait times and keep customer satisfaction high. Kotsovolos first introduced Comm100 Live Chat to meet the needs of their customers and saw a precipitous drop in call volumes. Looking for even more efficiency, Comm100 AI Chatbot was soon introduced, enabling a self-service option for customers. As most of the requests are simple in nature, the chatbot now resolves an average of 30-32% of all incoming chat requests:

“The combination of live chat and chatbots has significantly improved our team’s support capacity. Without having to hire more agents, our team can now handle more queries, and do it with more speed and more customer satisfaction.”

– Spyridon Athanaspoulos, Customer Care Manager, Kotsovolos

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3. Improve support speed

Speedy service is increasingly important to today’s customers. 80% of American consumers say that speed, convenience, and knowledgeable & friendly service are the most important elements of positive customer experiences. To meet this need, chatbots have become an ideal way to improve speed in customer support without sacrificing service quality.

Beyond their ability to immediately respond to incoming requests, chatbots can be used to speed customer interactions in other important ways. To optimize agent time, chatbots can act as a “front door” to support by intercepting requests and collecting customer information before handoff to agents. Collecting this information in advance also enables accurate chat routing by the bot that avoids the need for agent transfers that can frustrate customers.

One of the best chatbot examples for speed comes from Cabrillo Credit Union. As with our other chatbot examples, Cabrillo first introduced Comm100 Live Chat to meet the needs of their customers and provide a modern communication channel. After seeing significant speed increases with live chat, Cabrillo introduced Comm100 AI Chatbot to answer the questions that agents commonly see. Cabrillo’s members no longer wait for basic support, as the chatbot handles 75-78% of chats that it’s directed. The bot has been popular with Cabrillo’s members and employees alike:

“We love our chatbot. We were initially slightly nervous about it… so we started out with about 10% of incoming chats being answered by the bot. However, we soon saw the successes and where it needed correcting, and we now have it set managing about 30% of incoming chats.”

– Kelli Davis, Assistant VP of Member Support, Cabrillo Credit Union

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4. Provide 24/7 availability

The most common theme in customer service today is convenience, and perhaps nothing speaks to convenience more than around-the-clock support. 83% of customers now expect to engage with someone immediately when contacting a company. Unfortunately, for most businesses, offering agent support 24/7 simply isn’t feasible.

Because chatbots can handle most common requests without any human interaction, they enable organizations to offer effective 24/7 support without hiring additional agents or shifting support schedules. For businesses that sell internationally, increasing support hours can even mean new sales opportunities.

The last of our chatbot examples for 24/7 support comes from Thompson Rivers university (TRU), which again started by introducing Comm100 Live Chat to reach tech-savvy students. With the Future Students team seeing immediate success from improved recruitment efforts using live chat, TRU next introduced Comm100 Chatbot to offer 24/7 support that requires no human supervision. The chatbot now handles 83% of all incoming chats for the Future Student department, and has seen expansion to other departments:

“The Future Students team was the first department to implement Comm100 Live Chat and we were immediately the envy of our colleagues in other departments – so much so that four more departments quickly adopted Comm100 Live Chat after seeing the success we were having with it. Now five departments across the university use Comm100 Live Chat and Chatbot, and likely more to come.”

– Lachlan Todd, Communications & Systems Coordinator, Thompson Rivers University

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Wrap up

These chatbot examples demonstrate a wide variety of uses for bots across every industry. Whether it’s improving access to support or providing more convenient, faster service, chatbots help brands meet the expectations of today’s modern consumer. And the best chatbot examples can do so much more than this.

To learn how your organization could adopt chatbots, book a personalized demo today with one of our chatbot experts.

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