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Solution Sheet: Comm100 for Magento

Solution Sheet

Comm100 for Magento - Drive sales & improve customer satisfaction with omnichannel customer engagement

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In the world of eCommerce, attracting and retaining customers is a fierce and constant struggle. Attention spans are short, and an issue experienced during the buying process can chase shoppers away from your site. The Comm100 digital customer service platform makes it easy to support your customers throughout their entire journey and helps your agents deliver personalized, proactive and helpful service.

Comm100 for Magento

The World’s Most Powerful Live Chat

Comm100 Live Chat is a robust and scalable solution for real-time engagement with customers on your website. Monitor your visitors’ on-site behavior and proactively reach out to shoppers at critical points in the buying journey to resolve issues quickly and reduce cart abandonment. Comm100 gives you the flexibility to engage using text, audio and video, or guide your customer’s shopping experience more directly using screen sharing.

Fully Integrated with Magento

Comm100’s Magento integration* combines the power of live chat with real-time data from your Magento storefront, helping your team personalize their service and sell more. Highlights of the integration include:

Access Magento Customer Information in the Comm100 Agent Console

View your visitors’ shopping cart contents, order history and contact information while chatting. No more switching screens or using multiple systems to view visitor data – instead, find every detail needed to provide tailored help and sales to customers at your fingertips.

Comm100 for Magento

Real-Time Monitoring and Notifications

See every action your visitors take within your Magento store in real time. Agents can get notifications when an item is added to or removed from a visitor’s shopping cart, helping to identify relevant offers and cross-sell opportunities at the exact moment your visitor is ready to become a customer.

Comm100 Live Chat

Promote Products through Live Chat

It’s easy to recommend a specific product to your customers during chat. Store product details within our system and share with a single click. Your agents can upsell, cross-sell, and promote with ease, and without needing to leave the chat to access other systems.

Comm100 for Magento

To date, we have $6 million in opportunities sourced from chat and have closed about $4 million of that. In addition, our sales team loves it. The handoff from support is seamless, it’s brought in great leads, and has led to shorter sales cycles. Comm100 is a great way to interact with customers in real time. Instead of taking 24 to 48 hours to respond to a request for information through our ‘Contact Us’ form, we can get it to the sales team instantly. When we’re more responsive, we’re a lot more likely to close the deal, and do it faster too.”

Fitbit– Joanie Gentile, Sr. Business Operations Manager, Fitbit

Go Beyond With The Comm100 Platform

Manage All Channels Together

Connect your email, social media, and SMS accounts to manage all your digital customer communications from a single application. Every interaction across all channels will be accessible to agents so they can personalize their service at every stage of the customer journey.

Automate Answers to Common Questions

Comm100’s world-class, award-winning AI chatbot is fully integrated with our entire platform and can be deployed over live chat, social media, SMS and your mobile app. Expand your service to 24/7 and automate FAQs so that your customers can get answers quickly, anytime they want. The chatbot can also detect customer intent and escalate when the conversation is high-value or complex so that your agents always get involved when a human touch is needed.

Built-in Knowledge Management

Comm100 makes it easy to share information with your customers and across your organization. Roll out a convenient self-serve knowledge base for your customers, and arm your agents with the resources they need to provide effective and efficient customer service.

More valuable Comm100 features

• Proactive chat invitations to target high-value customers

• Save customer contact details and build customer profiles

• Real-time automatic chat translation for over 100 languages

• Customizable pre- and post-chat surveys to improve and measure service quality

• Full control over live chat branding including color scheme and logo

• Pre-scripted canned messages to control response content and improve team efficiency

• Supervisor chat monitoring and takeover

• Agent mobile app to chat while on-the-go

• Powerful reporting suite including 31 pre-built reports

• Iron-clad security including credit card masking, PCI compliant forms, and TLS encryption