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The Comm100 Live Chat visitor experience

Approachable. Friendly. Helpful.
Exactly the first impression you want to make.

Your live chat has to match your unique brand and your unique service promise. From custom design to detailed configurations and rules, only Comm100 give you all the flexibility you need.

The smartest chat button you’ve ever met

Live chat is much more effective when it’s a reflection of time and place. Whether it’s fast-tracking to the best agent for the job or simply starting a conversation that recognizes who and where your customers are, Comm100’s dynamic chat is the answer.

Chat is just the beginning

Sometimes a typed conversation is enough. For all the other times there’s audio, video, co-browsing, and file sharing. Don’t just imagine the smile on your customer’s face – see it in real time!

First Move icon

Why not make the first move?

There’s a science to effective service on the retail floor. The same goes for live chat. You don’t need to wait for the customer to ‘ring the bell’ – you can start the conversation yourself, manually or automatically, at the right time, in the right place.

“Our members love the ease of being able to be anywhere and connect with us over chat instead of having to go into a branch or calling in. They really enjoy the convenience of live chat overall.​”

– Jasmina Duric, Manager of E-Services and Support, Lake Michigan Credit Union

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Web, mobile, in-app messaging

Live chat isn’t just for your website, it’s for every digital property you have, including mobile sites and apps. Now you can connect with your customers in real time wherever they are, whenever they want.

Never miss a conversation

Connect with your customers on your website or in your app and never miss a chance to build trust and loyalty.

Always the right answer

With intelligent routing and customizable pre-chat surveys, you’ll ensure that every chat goes to the best agent for the job.

Audio & Video chat

Sometimes text-based messaging isn’t enough. For those moments, take advantage of Comm100’s audio or video chat to get up close and personal with your customers and cater to those that want a truly live, human-to-human experience.

It’s personal

There’s nothing like human-to-human voice communication. Add video, and you break down barriers even further. Answer questions faster, resolve issues more quickly, and build greater customer satisfaction.

No downloads, no plug-ins

With Comm100, audio and video chat is 100% browser based, and a single click away. Your customers stay in control, ending audio and video chats whenever they want.


For those times when your agents can better serve your customers if they could see what they see, there’s Comm100 Live Chat. Take the mystery out of online discussions by requesting access to your customer’s web browser so you can watch what they’re doing. If needed, the agent can even request remote control of the browser tab – and only the browser tab – to take matters into their own hands. Welcome to a seamless, hands-on customer service experience.

Cut through the communication clutter

Whether it’s a language or technical barrier, sometimes you just need to fix things yourself. Co-browsing lets you see exactly what your visitor sees and what they’re doing so you could point them on the right path. You can even request remote control of their browser and literally do it for them.

No downloads, no plug-ins

As with audio and video chat, your agents and visitors can co-browse right out of the box. Simple and secure – how conversations should be.

File sharing

Easily share documents, images, and other file types through the chat window, bypassing email completely to deliver the information needed instantly.

Close the loop on documentation and forms

Share files with visitors safely and securely right from the chat window. No need to send them download links, just give them what they’re looking for. Convenient drag-and-drop on the visitor side makes it easy for your customers to share files with your agents.

Any file format accepted

Images, documents, PDFs, spreadsheets – all is welcome for Comm100 file sharing. Now that’s easy.

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