Technology is simply a means to an end, and the end here is great customer service. That’s why we designed the Comm100 agent console to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your team.

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Work smart

With the right information always at your fingertips – from location to shopping cart contents to case history and beyond – you’ll be able to make chats personal and resolve issues more quickly.

Work fast

Instantly identify returning visitors by status. See what they’re typing before they hit ‘send’. Keyboard shortcuts and canned messages for faster response times. And more.

Work collaboratively

You’re never alone with Comm100 Live Chat. You can chat with fellow agents ‘behind the scenes’ to get help when you need it, add other agents to your active chats, or transfer the chat to another agent.

Multi-platform console

From your desk to the kitchen to the park across the street, the Comm100 Live Chat agent console goes where you go.

You’re perfect, no need to change

Windows. Mac. Chrome. Safari. Firefox. Edge. Android. iOS. When it comes to handling live chats, access the Comm100 agent console from any platform.

Never miss a chat

Easily move from desktop to browser to app and back again, without ever losing any open chat thread. You’ll never have to miss that team lunch again.

Deep integrations

Your visitors expect you to have all the answers at your fingertips. Now you can.

Know the customer

Comm100 Live Chat connects to all your core customer data systems so you can get a complete picture of who they are and where they’re coming from, without having to ask.

More complete answers

Comm100 also connects to key transactional systems like Shopify and Magento so you can ride alongside their shopping experience and address any issues that come up before they abandon their cart.

Built for speed

The Comm100 agent console puts everything you could possibly need right at your fingertips. From canned messages to shopping cart details, you’re never more than a mouse click or keyboard shortcut away.

Everything in plain view

Your chat list, chat window, and visitor details panel appear side by side, keeping all relevant data front and center. You’ll wish every app you use was this easy.

Type less, answer more

Cut keystrokes by 75% without compromising on the conversation, thanks to keyboard shortcuts, canned messages, and other efficiency-focused features.

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