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Top Customer Service Expectations that Brands are not Meeting

The Top Customer Service Expectations that Brands aren’t Meeting

Today’s customer service expectations are at an all-time high, and many organizations are failing to meet the demand. 

New data outlined in a report by Acquia shows a massive disconnect between organizations and consumers. Only 10% of customers say that most brands are meeting their expectations for a “good experience”. However, 82% of marketers believe that they are meeting customer expectations. 

These numbers show that not only are customers unhappy with the experience they are receiving from most organizations, but those providing the unsatisfactory experience aren’t even aware. This growing rift is creating damage throughout the customer lifecycle, from poor CSAT scores to lost customers. Read on to find out what customer service expectations many brands are failing to meet, and what they can do to change this. 


Consumers now expect personalization in their customer service. When surveyed, respondents had the following to say about their relationship with customer support: 

  • 60% – “I often feel that brands who should know me, don’t know me very well.” 
  • 60% – “Brands do not do a good job using my personal preferences to predict my needs.” 
  • 66% – “When I engage with businesses online, I feel like I am treated as any other generic customer, not as an individual with my own needs.” 

Based on these responses, we can clearly see the importance of personalization in customer service to today’s consumers. And the benefits of doing so are clear – organizations that can provide this personalization enjoy customer loyalty. 80% of consumers say they would be more loyal to brands that show they really understand what they are looking for. 

With that in mind, it’s not surprising that 83% of marketers say that “personalization for customers and personalization for potential customers is part of their marketing strategy for the next 12 months.” 


Along with personalized service, customers now also expect organizations to be available to them wherever and whenever they need support, on their terms. This focus on convenience is seen in the technology choices that consumers make when connecting with organizations. 

– Channel choice 

Consumers want to be able to reach out on a range of channels as and when it suits them. This includes the ability to reach out via live chat, email, social media, and even SMS. Reducing the friction to reach an organization is key for customers today. 

Customers also want to be able to switch between support channels without agents losing the conversation thread and having to repeat themselves. One survey of customers in the UK found that as many as 75% of consumers say they “hate repeating themselves.” 

– Fast service 

Because today’s customers expect instant gratification, fast service has become an expected part of convenience. A consumer survey of over 1000 individuals showed that 69% said that they judge the quality of CX based on whether they receive a “quick resolution.” Live chat is the most effective channel at satisfying this need for speed – more on this later on. 

– 24/7 support 

An expected part of providing customers with convenient customer service includes 24/7 support. Consumers expect to be able to connect with customer support when it suits them, not when it suits the company’s working hours. This is especially important for organizations hoping to reach international markets that won’t wait 12 hours for follow-up. Chatbots are the most cost-effective way to provide helpful support around the clock – more on this next. 

How can brands meet today’s sky-high customer service expectations?

The solution to meeting all these customer expectations – personalization and convenience – is omnichannel customer engagement. By introducing an omnichannel platform into your operations, agents have all the tools they need to provide exceptional CX. 

Omnichannel customer engagement platforms like Comm100 connect every digital channel into one unified agent console. By doing so, all the data and knowledge within each channel is brought together, providing agents with a 360-degree view of every customer they speak to, empowering them to provide truly helpful and personalized support.  

Imagine if your agents had all this information at hand when they supported your customers online?

  • Previous conversations 
  • Purchase history 
  • Live browsing page 
  • Live cart details 
  • Geographical location 
  • Device information. 

Omnichannel support also provides customers with the ultimate in channel choice. Customers can begin a conversation with live chat on your website and then seamlessly switch to text on their cell phone as they head out the door. The process is equally seamless for agents, who can maintain a single conversation thread with the customer across digital channels and devices. 

With a live chat solution that conforms to the most stringent security standards, Comm100 also ensures that customer data is protected while providing highly personalized and fast customer service. 

With chatbot integration, Comm100 omnichannel also helps brands offer 24/7 support. A well-built chatbot can handle as much as 91% of chats without human involvement, allowing for round-the-clock support of the most common queries. During standard support coverage hours, chatbots supercharge agents by offloading these repetitive questions and allowing them to focus on more complex problems. All of this results in reduced wait times for customers, and decreased times for issue resolution. 

Wrap Up 

Omnichannel customer support is the answer to every one of today’s customer expectations. Customers expect support that is fast, flexible, secure, and personalized, and omnichannel platforms are the only way to meet those expectations. 

To learn how Comm100 Omnichannel can help your organization meet customer expectations, book a personalized demo today! 

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