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Top 6 Articles – How to Set up Your Remote Customer Service Team for Success

Coronavirus has entirely changed the notion of working from home. Almost overnight, millions of people have been asked or ordered to leave the office and work remotely to help contain the spread of the virus, while trying to continue operations ‘as normal’.  Many industries and companies find themselves in one of three camps: it’s had a negative impact on them, they are fortunate that their service or product is less affected by these circumstances, or they are benefiting from it. 

Whatever camp you’re in, your customer service will have been affected. Many, if not most, organizations have been forced to transition whole customer service teams into remote workers.  The switch from compulsory office attendance to compulsory home attendance, poses a huge number of issues. Does everyone have the equipment they need? Is their internet bandwidth strong enough? Do they have access to VPN to connect with the servers? And perhaps most importantly, does our customer service system even enable them to work from home? 

For contact centers that use telephone as their primary support channel and don’t have a tech setup that enables remote working, this is potentially catastrophic. The State of Texas Office of the Attorney General found themselves in this situation and realized they had to come up with a solution, and fast. They contacted Comm100 for help and within 24 hours, more than 150 of their agents were set up at home with secure and compliant Comm100 Live Chat via the cloud on their desktops, browsers or mobile apps.  

To help customer service managers tackle this new challenge, we have scoured the internet for the best advice and top tips on how you can set up your remote customer service team for success, and make sure that your support standards do not slip during these difficult times. 

1. How to Support Sudden Work from Home Call Center Agents – Veronica Krieg, Customer Think

2. How to Take your Company Remote: Your 10-Step Action Plan – Andrew McDermott

3. Prepping your Team for Unique and Complicated Workplace Scenarios: How to Orchestrate a Call Center Business Continuity Plan – Lauren Krajewski, Business2Community 

4. A Guide to Managing Your (Newly) Remote Workers – Barbara Z. Larson, Susan R. Vroman and Erin E. Makarius, Harvard Business Review

5. Customer Service and Support Teams are in for a Long Sprint – Adrian Swinscoe, Forbes

6. Work from Home Checklist for Contact Center Professionals – Evolve IP 

If you would like to find out how you can quickly transition into a work-from-home customer service team, get in contact with us today through live chat, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp for Business, email at, or call us on 1-877-­305-0464 (Toll-Free).

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