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Evolving Customer Service: Easy Steps to Help Your Customers Through Digital Transformation

Technology continues to evolve across all business sectors. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, and analytics are part of the technology stack that every company has actively started using to enhance productivity and efficiency.

However, regulated organizations must have a clear and intense focus on customer experience and loyalty to achieve their business objectives, even as they embrace this new technology. Most hunt for a one-size-fits-all approach to a successful digital customer experience.  

When you truly understand your customers, you realize that everyone has a unique path and buying patterns. Their preferred engagement stages and channel preferences also differ. Once customers decide to buy through a given channel, they don’t want to encounter barriers that keep them from completing the purchase. 

Given these mixed factors, this article aims to explore how your business can help customers through digital transformation.

Helping Your Customers Embrace Digital Transformation in 5 Easy Steps

Here are easy steps your business can use to make the transition easier for your customers: 

1. Provide Omni Channel Customer Interactions

As there continues to be an explosion of available digital services, your company must understand the need to have a complete picture of the buyer’s journey. This is opposed to only optimizing individual contact points. By building proactive and unified communication and service channels, you will effortlessly deliver differentiated customer experiences that drive loyalty and sales. 

To start, note how your customers are interacting with brands through various messaging channels. Messaging apps, SMS, mobile apps, voice assistants, and web chat should all be part of your omnichannel customer interaction platforms. 

Learn More – What is Omnichannel Customer Engagement? A survey indicates 51% of consumers are loyal to brands that communicate with them through their preferred channels. That said, there’s a need for your business to meet your customers where they are. For example, if they want to connect on Facebook, you should make this happen. Likewise, if you have a market segment that prefers to use phone calls, ensure you also make this provision. It is up to you to help your customers build the appropriate communication habits and build on them.

2. Automate Your Customer Service Process

Automation is your business’s best friend. Your customers love automation. In fact, a recent survey reported that 84% of respondents opt for computer-based interactions, especially those that are available 24/7. Overall, the respondents feel that automated applications are faster in responding and the communication is friendlier. Besides, automation of communication channels eases the burden on your customer service agents. 

It’s also crucial for you to train new agents and create Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for the synchronous use of the live chat platform and phone calls. For example, ensure you have humans keeping tabs on the live chat so that they can effortlessly take over the conversation when the need arises. Ensure you find benchmarks and determine prompt response times for your business for the asynchronous communication channels like Facebook, SMS, and email.

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3. Make Information Available Online 

One of the major advantages of the shift towards digital solutions is the ability to store information online. In the past, companies used to store data locally, but online methods are now the best bet for companies that care about data security. 

Storing information on the cloud lets your customers access all the details of the purchases, track current orders, cancel orders, or ask for refunds, all on their own. This way, your customers can find the information they want without talking to someone in your company.

4. Personalize Customer Experience 

You can make your customers feel special through controlled APIs, customer segmentation, and user metrics mapping. 

For example, when you shop at Amazon, the platform later provides a scroll of recommended products picked specifically for you based on your shopping and search history. In the same way, you should choose a SaaS service that helps you tailor your content and business needs in order to match the needs of your individual customers. This will make them feel valued and will mark the beginning of their loyalty. 

5. Data Transparency

Digitalization enables you to collect consumer data for new insights into the buying habits of your customers and their preferences. With this data, you can develop more effective marketing campaigns. However, it’s crucial to let your customers know what information you collect and how you use it –about 87% of users believe that they should periodically control and review their data on your platform. 

Being transparent about this will make your customers feel comfortable using digital solutions, especially those where their personal information is being shared and stored. Your honesty assures them you are not sharing their data with third parties, which goes a long way in building long-term relationships.

How Comm100 Can Help You

Technological advancements have made a significant impact on the interaction between businesses and their customers. There is no sign that the trend will slow down any time soon. As such, it’s high time that you leverage technology to enhance the customer experience. Use it to automate specific tasks, provide helpful online resources, and collect data in ways that increase your customer service efficiency. 

As you look for new technologies to embrace and how to do it, your primary focus should be on providing value to your customers. When they can make sense of the solutions you provide, it will be that much easier for them. 

The most efficient way to achieve this would be to find a customer service solution that makes this easy for you. At Comm100, we help you close the gap between your customers’ questions and the answers you provide. 

Our AI-assisted tool, Agent Assist, helps your agents provide more value to your customers by suggesting answers in real-time. All the agent has to do is select the most appropriate response and send it to the customer at the click of the mouse. This is a solution that takes speed and accuracy to a whole new level. 

Likewise, our Com100 Live Chat solution comes with several built-in capabilities for an automatic proactive chat. The software eliminates the need to monitor your site visitors manually. Instead, it automatically triggers chat messages depending on the rules you set. These proactive chats could be the final nudge towards a purchase. You can also leverage the tool to increase revenue for your business through reselling or white labeling our solution. If you would like help in choosing digital-first solutions that will serve your customers better on all channels, we are here to help. Contact us today with all your queries and business IT needs, and an expert from our team will be there to help.

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