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How Does Generative AI Work? - A Simplified Explanation featured image

How Does Generative AI Work? – A Simplified Explanation

Generative AI stands out as a groundbreaking development this year, showing particular promise in the realm of customer service. But with so much conversation around it, how many people really understand how Generative AI works? 

This blog post delves into this question, offering a straightforward explanation of Generative AI and how it really works. We’ll also explore the exciting opportunities it presents, as well as the risks. 

What is Generative AI? 

Generative AI refers to artificial intelligence that can generate new content based on the data it has learnt from. It goes beyond the traditional AI capabilities of understanding and responding to inputs – it creates new content that didn’t exist before. 

This technology is part of a broader category known as generative models, and it’s increasingly being seen as a game-changer in various fields, including customer service. It’s being used to deliver more personalized and efficient service experiences. Chatbots powered by Gen AI can handle complex customer queries, offer tailored recommendations, and deliver 24/7 support. 

How Does Generative AI Work? 

To understand how Generative AI works, imagine it as a highly skilled artist who learns by studying a vast collection of artworks. This artist, the AI, analyzes patterns, styles, and techniques from the data (the artworks) and then uses this knowledge to create new, original pieces. 

At the heart of Generative AI are algorithms designed to analyze and learn from a vast amount of data. These algorithms, often built upon complex neural networks, are trained to recognize patterns, structures, and correlations within this data. Once the training phase is complete, Generative AI can use this learned information to generate new content that is similar in nature to the original data but is entirely original in its composition. A Gen AI bot deployed for customer service can engage in human-like, dynamic conversations to support and resolve customer queries.

Generative AI in Customer Service: Opportunities and Risks 

The potential of Generative AI in customer service is immense. It promises increased efficiency, higher customer satisfaction, and 24/7 support. Personalized interactions, predictive assistance, and automated problem-solving are just a few of the exciting possibilities. 

However, like any technology, Generative AI comes with its risks. If not properly trained, for example, it can generate inappropriate or irrelevant responses. Also, while a Gen AI bot can handle many queries, there will always be some that require human assistance or a more advanced NLP-powered chatbot. Seamless transition is crucial in these instances. Equally as important, the use of Generative AI can also limit human touch. Many customer interactions require empathy and understanding that even the most advanced AI can’t always deliver.  

Navigating the future of Generative AI with an expert partner 

To harness the benefits of Generative AI while mitigating risks, it’s crucial for organizations to partner with an expert in the field like Comm100. Comm100 provides the latest Gen AI technology combined with 14+ years of expertise to help organizations launch an effective, accurate and secure Generative AI chatbot. Find out more about Comm100

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