About Kevin Gao

Kevin Gao is the founder and CEO of Comm100 and an entrepreneur at heart.

At a young age, he was already helping his family run a successful shoe-making business. Later as a young adult, he always found ways to combine his passion for computer science and his desire to create new business ventures. While a student at the university, Kevin created his first software development company, and shortly after moving to Toronto, he founded Dynamsoft in Toronto, a company that provides enterprise-class version control software and image processing SDKs.

During his time at Dynamsoft, Kevin quickly realized that integrated communication tools were critical to improved and strong business performance. In 2009, he founded Comm100 with the ambition to revolutionize the way of online customer service and communication. Comm100 has 6 products. The company's flagship product, Live Chat Software, is designed to improve sales and support with real time customer communication. Today Kevin leads a global team united by the the company’s motto, "100% communication, 100% success.”​

With his intimate understanding of what it takes to build customer service solutions, passion for entrepreneurship and strong technical expertise, Kevin develops the high quality, reliable and secure communication tools that help businesses, small and big, to get to the next level.

When Kevin is not at his office desk, he enjoys the outdoors with family and friends, running, hiking in the local mountains, playing classical guitar, and occasionally talking programming languages with his teenage son.

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