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There’s no debating how important a live help program, more specifically live chat for webside could be to the success to your business. It has been shown to be one of the most cost-effective and high-converting methods of utilizing one-on-one interactions with customers to increase revenue. However, unlike push-based communications such as email or phone calls, live chat can often risk leaving business on the table. After all, you’re relying on customers to choose to request a chat with one of your sales or customer service operators. That doesn’t have to be the case any longer. Turn your live chat into proactive chat! Comm100 Live Chat provides Intelligent Auto Invitation as an enhanced feature.


What is Intelligent Auto Invitation?

Visitors Vs. Sign-upsIntelligent Auto Invitation is a feature that allows you to initiate live chats with your website visitors at points where you may realize that they need assistance or encouragement. Imagine the following scenario. You run a pet care company, and you have noticed that in average, 5% of your users who stay on your “Pets Training Program” sign-up form for longer than ten seconds abandon the page without completing it. However, for users who came to the page by search keywords “dog training” and also stay on the page for more than ten seconds, the abandonment rate goes up to 10%. What happened to those users? Does your program not suitable for dogs?  What can you do to improve the conversion and sign-up?  With Intelligent Auto Invitation, you can program a proactive chat invitation to automatically pop-up when a user has been on the page for ten seconds and has come from searching the keywords “dog training”. The invitation will give you a great chance to figure out where the problem is and how to solve it by directly talking to the dog people. And the result will be improved conversions.

What are the Benefits of Intelligent Auto Invitation?

You already know the benefits of using live chat software on your site and basic auto invitation functionality, but improving your live chat engagement metrics with Intelligent Auto Invitation can increase the benefits of your live chat program even further by making your chat proactive.

  • TakeProactive Chat Instead of Reactive one: Proactively contacting customers will always yield higher results than only communicating with the minority of customers who directly reach out to you.  In fact, according to a  study by Forrester Research, reactive chat showed a return-on-investment (ROI) of 15% while proactive chat showed an ROI of 105%! Intelligent Auto Invitation means that you can customize your proactive chat invitations to turn 105% ROI into an incredible 205%.
  • Personalized Communication for Increased Conversions: It’s a business fact that the more personalized and targeted your communication is, the higher the likelihood that it will lead to a conversion. Live chat allows you to talk with customers in a personalized, informal manner while Intelligent Auto Invitation allows you to begin these conversations in a non-invasive, welcoming way.
  • No Customer is Left Behind: No matter how specific the requirements are that get a customer into a live chat,Intelligent Auto Invitation can accommodate them. You can create as many invitation parameters as you want to appeal to any type of customer or customer activity. Nothing has to be generic. Everything can be specificchat and highly effective.
  • Improved Bottom Line Numbers: Of course, the most important thing is that proactive live chat, enhanced and optimized by using Intelligent Auto Invitation, improves your bottom line. You’ll see more sign-ups, conversions and sales.


How to Get Started with Intelligent Auto Invitation?

Getting started with Intelligent Auto Invitation is simple. You can literally be up and running within minutes. To help you better understand, let’s take the above pet care company for example.

i. Setting Up Your Intelligent Auto Invitations: To begin a new invitation for your “Pets Training Program”, just click the “Add New Auto Invitation” button, enter a name such as “Dog Sessions Invitation”, enabled it and decide if the invitation can be shown more than once per visit. You can add as many Intelligent Auto Invitations as you need, and you can set a specific set of parameters for each one. 

set up auto invitation 

ii. Selecting Your Intelligent Auto Invitation Criteria:
Next you’ll set your auto invitation criteria and here is where Intelligent Auto Invitation differentiates itself from common Auto Invitation options. Again, you can set as many criteria as you like to make your invitation as specific as possible. You can also set broad invitations. In the “Pets Training Program” case, if you want to present the same invitation to every user who visits your program sign- up page, simply set one criteria to begin a proactive live chat discussion when a visitor is on the URL for the sign-up page. However, if you want to refine your messages or invitations, you can. By selecting the URL for the sign-up page, stating that a user must have been on the page for at least ten seconds, adding a criteria for a specific search term “dog training” that the user entered the website from, you can then craft a customized live chat invitation that acknowledges that the user has come from searching the specific keywords and may have problem about using your “Pets Training Program” for their dogs. 

Comm100 Intelligent Auto Invitation offers 12 different individual invitation criteria that can be combined together to form specific, high-converting strategies for maximizing live chat responses. This flexibility takes live chat from simply proactive to actively engaging.

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iii. Personalize Your Invitation: Now you’ll simply need to customize and personalize the invitation message. Continue with the example above, you can send the user an invitation like” Hello! Our Pets Training Program includes excellent training sessions for dogs. Would you like me to introduce more details for you?” In this welcoming, highly-customized way, you have great chances to get connected to your users.

Example of Invitation Content

What’s more, Comm100 also allows you to launch auto invitation based on different criteria. You can personalize as many auto invitations as you need to refine and optimize your live chat strategy. For example, your “Pets Training Program” has several different training sites for dogs all over the country. When a visitor comes to your website, instead of simply leaving him with all the training session information, you can send him an invitation like “Hello! May I introduce our dog training session in (the city that the visitor came from) for you?

Example of Invitation Content

iv. Improve Conversion by Sending a Live Chat to the Right Representative: Intelligent Auto Invitation also allows you to determine if a chat response should go to a specific operator. For example, in your “Pets Training Program”, you may want to send live chat responses about dog inquiries to a different customer service representative than those about cat inquiries. This can ensure that all live chat responses for a specific type of expertise get routed to the representative best suited for them.

Direct an Invitation to a Specific Department / Operator

That’s it! In 4 easy steps, you can be running a sophisticated live chat Intelligent Auto Invitation program that will immediately improve the results of both your live chat program and your website performance.

Making a successful live chat campaign isn’t different from optimizing any other marketing or sales channel. The more specific and targeted that you can be with your communications, the more you’ll see results and benefits. Comm100 Intelligent Auto Invitation for Live chat gives you the opportunity to create a custom, tailored system for inviting users or customers to chat.

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Some Intelligent Auto Invitation Best Practices to Get You Started

Whether you’re a Live chat pro or whether you’re just beginning to implement your Live chat programs, there are some basic best practices that you can use to make sure that you’re using Intelligent Auto Invitation in an optimized way. Comm100 has developed a comprehensive article on live chat best practices to help you get the best results out of your program. To read it please click here.


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