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Comm100 Task Bot

Partner Webinar - Recording

Get to Know Comm100 Task Bot

Comm100 launched a brand-new chatbot, called Task Bot, which is designed to automate routine sales and service requests so that agents can focus on complex, sensitive and high value interactions.

Basic customer workflows can be managed with a simple chatbot and a decision tree using buttons and prompts. Both small and enterprise business need to be “always- on” to collect leads, book meetings, route chats, reduce wait times and automate basic customer service workflows.

In this webinar recording you will see:

  • What Comm100 Task Bot is, the functions it can perform, and how it will provide value for your clients
  • A demonstration of how Task Bots are built and deployed with an intuitive and code-free visual interface
  • Task Bot positioning and a brief overview of the competitive landscape.


Matthew Jinks
Matthew Jinks, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Comm100

Matthew is Comm100’s resident AI Chatbot Expert. He’s worked for 5+ years in Vancouver’s tech scene and is always up to date on the latest AI trends and best practices. Matthew works with Fortune 500, government, and private firms across the world to embed advanced artificial intelligence solutions.