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Task Bot

Website forms are so 2020

Task Bot

Comm100 Task Bot automates routine tasks and workflows through a conversational interface that’s more engaging and more captivating than a form, while eliminating dull or boring tasks that your agents don’t enjoy. Create as many taskbots as you want.

One Task Bot, so many applications


  • Self-serve troubleshooting
  • Capture contact information for sales, registrations, and events
  • Gather registrations for events
  • Book meetings
  • Route chats to the best agent
  • And more!
One Task Bot, so many applications
Good-bye forms, Hello conversations

Good-bye forms, Hello conversations

  • Use Task Bots for ongoing or short-duration routines, turning them on and off as needed
  • Task Bots appear inside the chat window
  • Your visitors will prefer the chat format over a form because it’s more natural.

Automate routine tasks

  • Capture names and contact information, book a Calendly meeting, and more
  • Your agents can trigger a Task Bot during any chat to offload boring, routine work
  • Task Bots keep on working 24/7, even when you’re not.
Automate routine tasks

A snap to build and use

  • We designed the Comm100 Task Bot interface for simplicity and speed, with no code or technical skills required
  • Start with one of our pre-built templates or easily create your own to suit your needs
  • Get your Task Bot active in minutes!

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