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Live Chat Benchmark Analysis by Experience This!

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After analyzing 56 million chat interactions from around the world and across 14 industries, Comm100 put together a comprehensive 2020 Live Chat Benchmark Report. Alongside all the key live chat data points, the report features commentary and best practice remarks from some of the world’s best-known customer experience professionals.

In the ‘Experience This!’ podcast, hosts Dan Gingiss and Joey Coleman were joined by Comm100’s Jeff Epstein and Kaye Chapman to analyze its key findings. Watch the 8-minute video to find out:

  • Simple tricks companies are using to boost CSAT
  • How customers are reacting to AI chatbots
  • How customer service success compares by team size
  • The importance of canned messages
  • The continued surge of mobile

To get a full breakdown of all the key live chat benchmarks you need broken down by team size and industry, download our latest free Live Chat Benchmark Report 2023.

Free Download: Live Chat Benchmark Report 2023

Free Download: Live Chat Benchmark Report 2023

Discover all the latest live chat benchmarks you need to understand how where your team is winning, and where it needs improvement.

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The speakers

Joey Coleman
Joey Coleman - Show Host, Professional Speaker, and Chief Experience Composer at Design Symphony

Joey Coleman helps companies keep their customers. An award-winning speaker, he works with organizations around the world ranging from small startups to major brands such as Deloitte, Hyatt Hotels, Volkswagen Australia, Zappos, and Whirlpool.

Dan Gingiss
Dan Gingiss - Show Host, Customer Experience Speaker and Consultant

Dan is an international keynote speaker and marketing/customer experience consultant. His 20-year career has consistently focused on delighting customers, spanning multiple disciplines including marketing, customer experience, customer service, and social media. He held leadership positions at McDonald’s, Discover, and Humana.

Jeff Epstein Headshot
Jeff Epstein - VP of Marketing at Comm100

Jeff is a B2B marketer with 20+ years’ experience creating compelling messaging and content for sales enablement and demand generation. He holds a BA from the University of Waterloo and an MBA from Thunderbird, the American Graduate School of International Management.