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Seamless communication across every channel

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The complete omnichannel engagement platform

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Comm100 is the only complete omnichannel customer engagement platform that combines every channel and tool into one unified agent console.

This connectivity empowers your agents to deliver efficient, accurate, and personalized support to every customer.


Inbound & outbound communication


360-degree view of each customer


Powered by the latest in AI

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Live Chat

AI-powered real-time chat

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Chatbots & Automation

Suite of advanced AI bots

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Ticketing & Messaging

Email, social, SMS & more

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1-1 outbound messaging

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Queue Management

Streamlined queue system

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Digital voice solution

Empowered agents create superior experiences

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Increase support capacity

Omnichannel engagement gives agents all the tools and information they need to respond faster and resolve more queries. This boosts your team’s productivity and improves CX. Now that’s win-win.

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Deliver true personalization

Consolidate data across every channel into one user-friendly agent console with an omnichannel engagement platform. Connect essential systems to pull even more data and deliver personalized support.

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Shrink service delivery costs

Comm100 omnichannel engagement helps you scale service capacity while reducing support costs. Yes, you read that right! We’ll help you do more with less with more capabilities, higher performance, and better support.

Thompson Rivers University

“Everybody has their preferred way of communicating. Some people want to reach out via live chat, some social media, and others via email. The beauty of Comm100 is that every channel can be connected into one platform so we can connect with and support more students, more efficiently.

– Lachlan Todd
Communications & Systems Coordinator, Thompson Rivers University

Human-bot harmony

Agents deliver personal support that your customers value. Bots and automation make this efficient and scalable. Only with Comm100’s omnichannel engagement platform can you achieve the perfect human-bot balance.

By analyzing the needs of every conversation, Comm100 Omnichannel Engagement ensures every interaction receives the support it needs, from greeting to resolution. 

Human-bot harmony

To deliver support that’s both efficient and personal, you must balance human and bot support.
Comm100 Omnichannel Customer Engagement platform creates this perfect balance by analyzing the needs of each conversation and ensuring it’s handled by the right person – or the right bot.

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The latest AI technology

Comm100 Omnichannel Engagement is powered by the latest in Generative AI and NLP models so you can achieve efficiency and scalability that generates ROI. Pick from our suite of chatbot software for all your automation needs and goals.

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Automation across every channel

Don’t limit the power of automation to just one or two channels. Comm100’s omnichannel engagement platform integrates the key channels and tools so every interaction receives the human or automated support it needs.

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Add channels as you grow

The connectivity of omnichannel customer engagement platforms and the flexibility of our packages means you can choose the channels you want and add as you go. This is just one of many reasons why our customers hang around.

The highest standards in security & privacy

Comm100’s omnichannel customer engagement platform provides enterprise-grade security, privacy, and accessibility that meets international benchmarks – even for those in regulated industries like healthcare, finance, and government. From SOC 2 Type II to ISO 27001, we’ve got you covered.

We make good on our customer service promise

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Award-winning Software

Winner EdTech Breakthrough Awards 2024
Award CRM Excellence 2024
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customer contact center technology award 2024
FeaturedCustomer Award
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2024 MSP Today Product award

Mastering Omnichannel CX – A Success Guide

Find out if omnichannel customer engagement is the right strategy for your goals, how to implement it, and how to measure and prove its ROI.

Mastering Omnichannel CX – A Success Guide

Find out if omnichannel customer engagement is the right strategy for your goals, how to implement it, and how to measure and prove its ROI.

Find out how you could increase capacity & lower costs with Comm100 Omnichannel.