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customerthink webinar


Best Practices to Prove the Business Value of Customer Experience

CustomerThink Thought Leadership Webinar

Failure to show ROI has been undermining the growth of the Customer Experience (CX) industry. CustomerThink’s research finds just 19% of CX initiatives can show tangible benefits. Forrester Research predicts that 25% of CX professionals will lose their jobs in 2020.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the ROI issue is now front and center with CX leaders. Listen to this recorded webinar to learn the results of groundbreaking CustomerThink research into the most effective ways to prove the business value of CX initiatives. Speakers from the research sponsors also share their ROI advice in customer feedback, customer service, and CX infrastructure.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • Proving the Value of CX: Best Practices
    CustomerThink’s Bob Thompson will reveal the best techniques for conveying CX value to sponsoring business executives, including the role of customer satisfaction and operational metrics in building a business case. He will also discuss the critical “soft skills” required to get stakeholder support for a CX initiative.
  • Benefits of Digital Omnichannel Service
    Proving the ROI of digital omnichannel is easy when it comes to measuring contact center cost savings, but what about the upside for your customers and what that is worth? Jeff Epstein from Comm100 will show you how to measure and explain both bottom-line benefits and customer-first KPIs.
  • Setting Up Your Voice of the Customer Program to Drive Action
    Just collecting customer feedback is not enough. Sateja Parulekar of GetFeedback will reveal how you should set up a Voice of the Customer program so that you can take action on feedback and prove the ROI. Real examples will demonstrate how an improvement in customer satisfaction improves customer retention, increases cross-sell and up-sell, reduces cost-to-serve, and ultimately drives revenue.
  • Flawless Customer Journeys, Delivered!
    To reap the benefit from your CX investments, you need to assure customer journeys are flawless. Bill LaRuffa of Cyara will explain how you can automatically test your customers’ digital experience throughout the development cycle, from initial design through deployment, to assure that each journey delivers customer smiles. The presentation will include customer examples and ROI models.


bob thompson
Bob Thompson - Founder and CEO, CustomerThink Corp.

Bob Thompson is CEO of CustomerThink Corp., an independent research and publishing firm focused on customer-centric business management, and Founder/Editor-in-Chief of, the world’s largest community dedicated to customer-centric business.

Jeff Epstein
Jeff Epstein - VP of Marketing, Comm100

Jeff is Comm100’s VP Marketing. He’s a B2B marketer with 20+ years’ experience creating compelling messaging and content for sales enablement and demand generation. He holds a BA from the University of Waterloo and an MBA from Thunderbird, the American Graduate School of International Management.

sateja parulekar
Sateja Parulekar - Director of Product Marketing, GetFeedback

Sateja currently leads Product Marketing for GetFeedback by SurveyMonkey. She has over a decade of experience working to help companies connect with their customers and employees through SaaS technologies including customer experience, customer service, marketing automation, and mobile products.

bill laruffa
Bill LaRuffa - Principal Solutions Architect, Cyara

Bill has 20+ years in the contact center industry, working in contact center IT support, the BPO sector, and contact center software space. In his current role, he leads a team that demonstrates the value of Cyara’s Automated CX Assurance platform. Prior to Cyara, Bill held positions at Aspect Software and Stream.

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