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Cross Site Chat Transfer 

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With Cross Site Chat Transfer, organizations that manage multiple sites or departments can now transfer chats between one another. This streamlining of conversation improves customer experience as chats can be seamlessly directed to the department best suited to resolve the issue. It also improves support efficiency by reducing chat duration and increasing first contact resolution (FCR).

Cross Site Chat Transfer also allows organizations to configure individual settings for each site, or department, as well as segment chat history data to give them more accurate and insightful reporting.

Smooth CX with efficient support 

Comm100’s Cross Site Chat Transfer is designed to make your customers’ experiences as smooth as butter, while improving agent efficiency and collaboration. No matter who your customers reach out to, your agents can now, with a click of a button, direct them to the department or team that can best help. This makes sure your customers always get the fast, streamlined, and helpful service they expect. Go the extra mile for your customers, without even breaking a sweat.

Use case: A student starts a chat with an agent within the IT department. After their issue is resolved, they then have another question about the enrolment process. The IT agent can’t answer this query so rather than making the student close their chat conversation and go elsewhere for support, the agent can simply transfer the chat directly to the Enrolment department. An agent within this department can pick up the chat and access the previous chat history to understand the student’s query, without forcing them to repeat their problem again. 

One-time-chat solves all your concerns 

The Comm100 Cross Site Chat Transfer is designed to put everything your customer needs right at their fingertips. Your customers can easily get professional answers from multiple departments without opening new chat windows, and a consistent visual and chat experience will remain for them even after being transferred to another department.

Customer privacy at the forefront 

Protecting consumer data and privacy is essential, and Cross Site Chat Transfer helps you along the way. When transferring a chat to another department, an agent can choose not to share the previous chat history with the next agent based on company policy or customer willingness, so your customers feel safe in your hands. If they do choose to share this conversation history, the agent is fully equipped to provide more helpful support without ever needing the customer to repeat themselves.

Multiple departments, one cooperative team 

Every team is different so that’s why we’ve built Cross Site Chat Transfer to give you the flexibility you need. Rather than every department following the same blanket settings, you can now configure specific settings for each, giving you greater control over your teams’ performances. Better still, you can also group departments together so that they can do the Cross Site Chat Transfer.

Deep reporting 

Comm100’s reporting and analytics lets you track everything you need to know, from chat volume and service quality to efficiency and wait times. With Cross Site Chat Transfer you can now segment this data by each project, department, or office so you can dig deeper into your data to give you even more accurate and useful insights.