6 Must-see Live Chat Statistics for 2019

Optimize your CX strategy with these
industry-specific live chat data points

Your latest live chat statistics show that your current customer satisfaction rate is at 89%. That’s great. Or is it? It’s hard to know where you stand when you don’t know how you fare against other brands in your industry.

We can help. We’ve compiled live chat data from 7 different industries so you can finally see how you stack up against your competitors. Choose yours, then specify your team size to get a personalized live chat statistics report for your business. Download your report to share with colleagues, and use the included tracking worksheet to measure your performance going forward.

How does your live chat data stack up?

In total, we analysed data from over 45 million chats to bring you the most update-to-date live chat statistics and help inform your customer engagement strategy.

Below are the overall live chat data benchmarks from our annual Live Chat Benchmark 2019 report. Input your industry and team size to get a personalized look into how you compare to companies of a similar size and space.

Average rating
Ratings on a scale of 1 to 5
customer satisfaction
Percentage of ratings that are above 3.00/5.00
Average number of chats per month
Does not include offline messages
Mobile chats
Percentage of total number of chats
48 sec
Average wait time
Average time a visitor is waiting before connecting to an agent
11 min
53 sec
Average chat length
Average duration from when a visitor connects to wrap-up

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