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See Comm100's Magento Integration in Action

The Comm100 digital omnichannel customer service platform integrates with your Magento storefront so you can support your customers throughout their entire journey.

Comm100’s Magento integration combines the power of live chat with real-time data from your Magento storefront, helping your team personalize their service and proactively reach out to shoppers at critical points in the buying journey to reduce cart abandonment. Highlights of the Comm100 Live Chat Magento integration include:

  • View your visitors’ shopping cart contents, order history and contact information while chatting
  • See every action your visitors take within your Magento store with real-time monitoring and notifications
  • Promote products within live chat with a single click
  • Engage with customers through text, audio, video, and screen sharing.

Magento storefront owners can take this even further by connecting their email, social media, and SMS accounts within the Comm100 platform so you can manage every digital channel and interaction from a single application, supported by Comm100’s Knowledge Base and award-winning AI Chatbot for 24/7 automated support.

Watch this 7-minute walk-through of Comm100’s Magento integration to find out how you can drive sales and improve customer satisfaction with Comm100 Live Chat and Omnichannel.


Matthew Jinks
Matthew Jinks, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Comm100

Matthew is Comm100’s Senior Product Marketing Manager. He’s worked for 5+ years in Vancouver’s tech scene and loves crafting product stories. Matthew works with Fortune 500, government, and private firms across the world to embed advanced customer experience solutions.

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