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Relieve Phone Queues with Live Chat


How to Relieve Phone Queues with Live Chat

Almost every industry is receiving an unprecedented volume of customer queries. And it’s not just the quantity that’s causing issues for customer service agents. The complexity and originality of questions has also heightened, leaving agents fielding questions they’ve never had to answer before.

Add to this the fact that most agents are now working from home without the same level of support or tech set-up, and it’s little surprise that phone queue wait times are soaring – and CSAT ratings plummeting.

Live chat is the solution to this problem. As the most popular customer communication channel, it facilitates instant responses and it enables highly personalized service. And while agents can only handle one phone call at a time, they can handle several chats simultaneously.

Whether you’re offering live chat already, or you’re thinking of doing so, this guide will show you how to use live chat to take the pressure off your phone lines – ultimately helping your support team to resolve more queries with less time and less effort.

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