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Comm100 Partners with Magento to Fuel Personalized Customer Support & Sales

Comm100 has partnered with Magento to enable eCommerce retailers to connect with customers throughout the entire journey with Comm100 omnichannel customer engagement.

While driving traffic to a site is often given greater priority, the real challenge lies in keeping customers onsite and guiding them to purchase. Comm100 Omnichannel’s integration with Magento directly tackles this by helping eCommerce sites engage with more shoppers and provide them with helpful support throughout the full customer journey, driving sales, boosting order value, and building customer loyalty.

Through Comm100’s partnership with Magento, brands can deploy award-winning live chat alongside email, social media, and SMS to manage every customer communication through a single console. This provides agents with access to an abundance of customer information without switching between screens or systems. Agents can view shopping cart contents, order history, contact information, and much more, empowering them to provide tailored support that exceeds customer expectations.

With an intelligent product integration, agents can also send links to specific products without leaving the chat or console, encouraging agents to upsell and cross-sell with ease.

“The partnership between Comm100 and Magento marks a significant step towards helping eCommerce retailers engage with their visitors on a more personal level,” explained Comm100’s VP of Global Channels Ty Rottare. “Whether via desktop, mobile or in-app, Comm100 helps Magento stores to generate sales and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. In fact, it’s one of the most affordable customer acquisition and retention tools on the market and requires almost no technical set-up.”

With Comm100 Live Chat, agents can easily initiate a chat on their own, or alternatively, agents can proactively reach out to them with unobtrusive chat invitations at opportune moments, both manually and automatically. Within the platform, agents can track visitor navigation and actions, and receive notifications when specific actions are performed – for example when a shopping cart reaches an assigned value. With this insight, agents can identify opportunities to cross-sell or recognize a visitor needs support, and they can manually reach out with a chat invitation. Comm100’s rule-based triggers can also initiate these engagements automatically based on values including time spent on a page, repeat customer visits, or when an individual’s pageviews exceed a set number.

When dealing with customer data, security and privacy is non-negotiable. Comm100 uses credit card masking, PCI-compliant secure forms, and TLS encryption to protect your visitors’ privacy and ensure secure data communication. You can also set other measures to protect your account from unauthorized access, such as IP restriction and password policies.

To find out more about Comm100’s integration with Magento, visit Magento Marketplace.


Comm100 is a global provider of digital omnichannel customer engagement software for education, government and commercial organizations of all sizes. With Comm100, organizations can provide excellent digital customer experiences through configurable, value-driven live chat, secure messaging, AI powered bots and automation within one integrated console. Comm100 is powered by zero downtime, the highest standards in security, and AI automation, ensuring customers get answers anytime, anywhere. To learn more about Comm100, visit:


Kate Rogerson

Content Manager, Comm100