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Comm100 Launches Second-Generation Digital Omnichannel Customer Engagement Solution

Vancouver B.C., April 28, 2020 – Comm100, a global provider of digital customer engagement solutions, today announced the launch of Comm100 X, its second-generation omnichannel platform.

Comm100 X centralizes customer conversations across live chat, email, SMS, and social media, empowering customer service agents to track and respond to queries across digital channels through a single, unified interface. At the core is Comm100 X’s contact-oriented architecture that enables native contact management as well as integration with CRM systems for deeper enterprise visibility and control.

“When today’s digital-first customer reaches out for help, they don’t think in channels,” notes Comm100 VP Marketing Jeff Epstein. “They want to connect on whichever channel is the most convenient in that moment and change channels as and when it suits them. Without a digital omnichannel solution in place, blind spots occur when customers reach out on siloed channels: agents are unaware of or unable to access related conversations on other channels, resulting in disjointed, inefficient, and poor customer experiences.”

Comm100 X solves this problem by providing a 360-degree view of each customer’s conversation history across all channels, enhanced by customer data from other systems. The agent does not need to switch between different applications to respond to customers, nor to discover details of a conversation that begun on a different channel. Equipped with the full context, agents can then give faster, more accurate, and more personalized service, providing an altogether superior customer experience.

Comm100 X key enhancements include:

  • Advanced cross-channel routing
  • Upgraded ticketing management that allow agents to convert conversations from any channel into tickets for collaboration and follow-up
  • Automated ticket follow-up and update messaging to customers
  • Extension of AI chatbot to social and SMS channels
  • WhatsApp for Business integration
  • Agent shift management
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) enforcement
  • Expanded reporting for deeper insights

“Since 2009 we’ve been pushing the envelope on how our customers can engage with their customers on live chat and other digital channels,” adds Epstein. “The release of Comm100 X marks more than two years of R&D and is the first of three major releases in the coming 8 months that will reshape digital customer engagement. Now more than ever the market is shifting to omnichannel across every vertical and every business size, and we’re excited to continue to help our customers with their digital transformation.”

To learn more about Comm100 X, take a look here.


Comm100 is a global provider of digital omnichannel customer engagement software for education, government and commercial organizations of all sizes. With Comm100, organizations can provide excellent digital customer experiences through configurable, value-driven live chat, secure messaging, AI powered bots and automation within one integrated console. Comm100 is powered by zero downtime, the highest standards in security, and AI automation, ensuring customers get answers anytime, anywhere. To learn more about Comm100, visit:


Kate Rogerson

Content Manager, Comm100