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Comm100 Messaging Solution Sheet

Solution Sheet

Comm100 Ticketing & Messaging: Mobile, social, and email conversations made easy

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Connect with your customers on the digital channels they use every day – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp Business, WeChat, LINE for Business, Telegram, email, and text messaging. Comm100’s unified agent console keeps every conversation in plain sight, ensuring that every related interaction is connected and visible.

Simple to set up and fully integrated with the entire Comm100 platform, Comm100 Ticketing & Messaging makes it easy for your team to deliver effortless and exceptional customer experiences.

Master the Digital Customer Journey

The hallmark of seamless and consistent experiences across channels is never asking customers to repeat themselves. When a customer messages you over any supported digital channel, their inquiries can be responded to and tracked as tickets. Each ticket includes a customer’s full history of interactions so that agents can understand the whole context and respond confidently. Even when tickets are transferred between agents or departments, every detail gets passed along so that any agent can get up to speed in seconds.

The Right Agents on the Right Tickets

Take control of your digital accounts by automatically routing inbound queries to the agent or department best suited to handle them. Set service level agreements (SLAs) for response or resolution times and prioritize tickets by urgency level so that critical issues get dealt with first, with nothing falling through the cracks.

Seamless Channel Switching

For today’s on-the-go customers, many queries aren’t resolved in a single session or even over a single channel. A conversation that starts on Twitter might later involve real-time updates via SMS or detailed instructions sent via email. With Comm100 Ticketing & Messaging, your customers and your agents can easily move between channels without losing history.

Workflow Automation

To provide efficient, high quality customer service, your agents need to maximize the time they spend resolving complex customer problems and automate their most repetitive tasks. Built-in features like canned responses to frequently asked questions, automatic follow-up messages, and triggered updates to Tickets help streamline workflows, resolve customer issues faster and free up your agents to spend their time on more complex interactions.

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Key Features

Manager Experience

  • Route tickets with custom rules, or use auto allocation
  • Set response and resolution SLAs
  • Use Triggers to automate workflows and send follow-up responses
  • Create custom fields to track what matters to your business
  • Restrict unwanted words or phrases from being sent to customers
  • Track performance with real-time reporting on SLAs, volume, availability and efficiency.

Agent Experience

  • Fully integrated with Comm100 Live Chat and Knowledge Base
  • Save and manage contacts to track customer history
  • Send outbound messages to contacts over SMS and email
  • Convert chats to tickets for follow up
  • Merge tickets with the same topic
  • Create custom filtered views of tickets
  • Block senders to reduce spam
  • Create canned messages for FAQs
  • Categorize tickets with custom tags
  • Batch update ticket groups
  • @Mentions to involve other agents
  • Use internal notes for easier collaboration.

Integrations and Security

  • Robust API for easy integration with other software in your ecosystem
  • Eliminate screen toggling with Agent Console
  • Lock down agent access with advanced password policies and IP restriction
  • Enable Agent Single Sign-On (SSO) through third-party applications
  • Track changes made with the Audit Log
  • Mask credit card numbers
  • Easily export conversation data with the Comm100 API.