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Features | Agent Experience

Ticket Management

Fine tune your customer service team and accelerate operational efficiency with a robust toolbox including tickets bulk operations, customization and more.

Merge Tickets

Merging tickets allows you to join together conversations on the same topic from the same customer into a single ticket, reducing ticket clutter and preventing agents from losing track of related conversations.

Block Senders

It can get very noisy and inefficient to keep receiving spam messages from unwanted visitors. The Block Sender feature adds contact details to your blocked list so you’ll never hear from them again.

Customize Notification Sound

No one wants to hear a sound they don’t like over and over again. C omm100 provides you with a variety for notification sounds and lets you adjust their volume individually.

Customized Email Signature

Comm100’s built-in email signature feature allows you to design on-brand signatures. You can add quick access to your contact details, link to your products or promotions, and more.

Batch Edit

Save time and effort by performing bulk operations on multiple tickets including mass deletion, adjusting priority, changing assigned agents, and more.

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