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how to write CTAs


How to Write Killer Call-To-Action Phrases with Examples for Social Media, Blogs, Emails & More

Imagine you’re going fishing. You’ve invested in all the best equipment, you’re going to the best possible spot to fish, and you’re getting there at the best time of day to do it. The weather is looking great, and the odds of going home with a catch seem to be in your favor.

But there’s a problem – you forgot the bait. It doesn’t matter how much skill you have as a fisherman – if you cast your bare hook into the water, you could be there for days, weeks, or even longer, without a bite. Suddenly, the odds of you dining on fresh fish tonight don’t seem very good.

Now, imagine that your pond (or more realistically, ocean) of choice is social media. And you’re trying to get customers, not fish, to bite by engaging with your content. Without proper bait – or social media call-to-action phrases – your audience will simply scroll past your social media posts and onto more interesting, clickable items.

This eBook will help your business create more engaging, clickable content for social media by using call-to-action phrases and power words.

In doing so, we will go over the following:

  • What is a social media call-to-action
  • When to use call-to-action phrases
  • The best tips for drafting your own killer call-to-action phrases
  • Social media call-to-action examples

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