dealing with difficult customers over live chat

[eBook] How to Deal with Difficult Customers over Live Chat

According to the 2013 Customer Rage Study conducted by CCMC, 80% of customers who have an issue with a product or service will complain to the responsible entity — that means that in most cases where a service or good fails, customer service has the ability to turn things around for the company – turning difficult customers to happy customers.

This eBook provides insights into building a live chat support strategy that prevents customers from becoming difficult, enhances real-time chat skills for dealing with difficult customers, and ensures appropriate follow ups are in place to boost customer satisfaction.

This eBook can help you:

  • Save your dollars at risk due to product/service related issues by properly dealing with difficult customers
  • Make your customers (even difficult ones) happy by understanding and being able to meet their expectations
  • Increase your bottom line as happy customers will bring more sales and customers

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