Data Sheet: Comm100 Live Chat Reporting System

Comm100 Live Chat Reporting

Comm100 Live Chat offers a wide variety of reports that help different levels of management gain industry leading insights on the live chat operation in real time and for long-term planning.

The reports can help management:

  • Make instant adjustments as needed. Real time data regarding chat volume, wait time, queue length, and agent status, etc. are available for you to make adjustments in time sensitive situations.
  • Optimize staffing and shift schedule. Chat volume, queue, and wait time statistics help you plan staffing and shift schedules in a more reasonable manner.
  • Evaluate agent performance. Agent availability, workload, and efficiency reports give you a comprehensive understanding of each agent’s performance.
  • Gauge customer satisfaction. Rating and post-chat survey reports enable you to have a clear picture of how customers feel about your chat service.
  • Keep improving your live chat strategy. Proactive chat and canned message reports help you see if agents are taking full advantage of the features while pre-chat survey and chat wrap-up reports give you better insights on your visitors and live chat adoption.

Great Granularity and Modern Design

  • Multiple perspectives and filters to present data interactively per individual business needs.
    • At website, department, campaign, or agent level
    • By hour, day, week, month, 24/7 distribution, or half hour distribution
  • Modern, user-friendly charts and user interaction technologies to enhance data presentation.
  • All reports can be exported to your local drive for purposes of analysis, sharing or backup.

The PDF version of the data sheet is also available. You can download it to your local drive for future reference.

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Metrics, Filters, and Perspectives

Metrics, Filters, and Perspectives

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