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The Perfect Customer Service Journey

Live chat, email, social media, SMS – whatever digital channel your customers want to contact you on, you need to be there – and you need to be there with a combination of self-serve, agent support & chatbot automation to deliver the perfect customer experience.

Every customer service question represents a certain value to your business. Many queries will be “low” value – simple FAQs that can be easily resolved. Others will be “high” value – a more complex question, potential sale, or complaint. And the rest will be queries from your “VIPs” – customers that you’ve identified as needing the very best support, whatever the question. By segmenting queries by value, you can:

  • Deliver answers more quickly
  • Use agent-time more efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Provide your customers with the best support, driving satisfaction and loyalty.

The magic happens by routing questions to the correct channel based on these values.

Here’s how it works, using key checkpoints and example questions to illustrate the path to resolution.

Customer Journey

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