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Live Chat Best Practices: 10 Tips to Improve Your Live Chat Efficiency

Efficiency matters. The faster customers’ problems are solved, the higher customer satisfaction is. That’s where live chat comes in as a real time and multi-tasking communication tool.

It seems a bit challenging to actually engage with visitors in real time while handling multiple visitors simultaneously. Good news is there are a bunch of good features and best practices to increase live chat efficiency so that every visitor can receive prompt and quality service.

Just follow the live chat tips and you will make the difference. You can improve live chat efficiency from three perspectives.

Firstly, collect as much visitor information as possible to keep your chat agents informed, which will greatly speed the problem solving process.

Secondly, make the most out of live chat functions such as shortcut keys, canned messages, and auto acceptance.

Last but not the least, allocate your resources reasonably and ensure every chat goes to the right agent.

See the infographic below for the ten live chat best practices and tips that can greatly improve your chat efficiency.

live chat efficiency tips - infographic

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