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Onboarding, Consultation and Training Services

With our onboarding and consultation services, Comm100 ensures that enterprise clients extract maximum value from the features and tools our live chat solution offers.

Onboarding Program Benefits

Onboarding Program Benefits

Our onboarding program makes it easy for your enterprise to fully take advantage of Comm100 Live Chat. Once you have selected our live chat product, onboarding expedites the process required to integrate the software into your operations. Onboarding saves your business time, engages your team early in the process, allows for a streamlined implementation that meets your needs, and creates success milestones.

Not only will you be up and running in no time with the software, but you will get everything you need to instantly maximize the value of Comm100 Live Chat.

Onboarding includes pre-implementation planning meetings, consultation, agent and manager training, as well as dedicated resources to assist with specific business requirements.

Onboarding Steps

Onboarding Steps

From planning to implementation, our onboarding team, which consists of an account manager and a solution consultant, will assist you to seamlessly integrate live chat software in your business operations and customize features as needed. Our onboarding team closely works with deployment staff and follows a number of steps that include: analyzing solution scope, defining requirements, managing the project, preparing teams and processes for implementation, and conducting a post-implementation review to ensure product efficiency and adherence to your requirements.


We offer personalized consultation services to our enterprise clients in different areas. To help you achieve positive results with Comm100 Live Chat, we discuss your needs and how you envision that live chat will help you reach business goals. Based on this initial discussion, we suggest consultation services in relevant areas. Topics covered in a consultation may include the following:


Auto Invitation Optimization

Learn how live chat allows you to engage more visitors, reach potential customers, and increase sales.


Canned Message Definition and Analysis

Learn how to improve your team’s chat etiquette and ability to communicate with customers; enhance agent professionalism and efficiency

Chat Button Design

Chat Button Design

Learn how to best position the chat button on your website, choose the right color and style, and ensure the chat interface aligns with your company’s image.


Pre-Chat Survey Design

Explore how to collect the right information and enhance live chat dialogue.


Chat Performance Analysis

Learn how to use the evaluation tools Comm100 Live Chat offers to analyze and enhance chat performance: use ratings to improve customer satisfaction, review queue activity report to optimize staff scheduling, and more.

Tiered Customer Service Response

Tiered Customer Service Response

Find out how you can use Comm100 Live Chat features to direct visitors to chat agents in specific departments in the company according to their requests.

crm Integration

Live Chat Integration with Your Existing Systems

Find out how Comm100 Live Chat integrates with your CRM (Customer Relationship Management), CMS (Content Management System), Helpdesk, etc.

On-Demand Areas

On-Demand Areas

Any other area as identified with your team during the probing phase.

One-on-One Product Training

We deliver hands-on product training right after you purchase Comm100 Live Chat for Enterprise. Equip your support team with all of the skills they need so that they can make the most out of your live chat program.



Administrators should understand the core basics of functional settings, security management, and performance evaluation. This course includes:

  • Complete demonstration of Comm100 Live Chat for Enterprise, which gives a bird’s eye view of what it looks like and what it can achieve.
  • Campaign creation and customization, which shows you how to design your live chat program based on your business requirements.
  • Learn popular live chat functions such as how to work with canned messages, departments, auto allocation, etc., allowing your team to use live chat to the best of its abilities.
  • Learn about reporting, which provides historical and real time statistics for you to make informed decisions on staff and chat management.
  • Complete demonstration of settings relevant to agent & account management, allowing you to define permissions for each role and appropriate security rules to protect your account.


Your agents are the daily users of your live chat program, so they should know all of the essential features and best practices to ensure they deliver the best customer experiences. The course includes:

  • How to check visitor details, including geographic location, the current page they are on, their contact history, etc.
  • How to use chatting functions, including file sharing, chat transfer, spell check, auto translation, canned messages, etc.
  • How to configure the Agent Console for improved productivity, including keyboard shortcuts, pop-up notification for different events, automatic greetings to visitors, etc.

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