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Record Agent Activities with Audit Logs

Comm100 customer engagement platform allows you to track your agents’ activities, recording all the actions performed by agents in your Comm100 modules. The audit logs are an important security feature, and provide accountability for every single operation performed on the system.

Comm100 Audit Log Track Agent Activities

Track Agents’ Activities

With the audit logs, you can view all agents’ actions on the system during a given time period. The audit log has many benefits: it allows you to securely track what agents have been doing on the system and to keep them accountable for their actions. With the audit log, you can solve potential problems by viewing what has been done on the system by a specific agent at a specific time.

Comm100 Audit Log View Changes

View All Changes to the System

Comm100’s audit log records all types of actions performed by agents in the system, ranging from creating, deleting, and updating code plans, disabling or updating chat auto-allocation settings, to editing auto invitations, making changes to accounts, and more.

Comm100 Audit Log Filters

Use Filters to Build the Audit Log You Want

Filters help you narrow down audit log entries and facilitate your search for the information you are interested in. Filters include agent, time period, category (Global, Live Chat, Ticketing & Messaging, Knowledge Base or AI), and type of action. For example, you may build an audit log that displays activities for a specific time range and an individual agent.

Comm100 Audit Log Search

Search by Keyword

The search box allows you to refine your search by typing keywords for the details of the actions taken. For example, if you type the word “delete,” you will only retrieve agents’ actions related to deleting tasks (e.g. delete auto-invitation, delete department, delete canned URL, etc.)

Comm100 Audit Log Permission Setting

Control Audit Log Access

Through the permission settings, you can define who can access and view the audit log. Logs stay on the system forever and cannot be deleted, allowing you to keep records of all activities for an indefinite period of time.

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