What are the three types of Comm100 chat buttons?

April 23rd, 2018 | Settings & Customizations

Comm100 Live Chat provides three types of chat buttons: Adaptive, Image Button and Text Link. You can easily change the chat button from one type to another.


Adaptive chat button has interactive animations, and adjusts automatically in size and layout to fit mobile screens. You don’t need to customize chat buttons for mobile devices to achieve optimized presence. You can customize the color of the adaptive button to match your company color scheme.

Adaptive Chat Button

Image Button

There are two types of Image Button: Float Image Button and Static Image Button.

Float Image Button

Your chat button appears as an image which floats in the page at a fixed position as your website visitors scroll up/down the web page. You can choose the float button position from the three options we provide or click Switch to Advanced Mode to set the accurate pixel and define other positions.

Position of Float Image Button
Static Image Button

Your chat button appears as an image in your web page and it stays where you insert the live chat code. Choose The place where you install the code and your button will be static.

Position of Static Image Chat Button

Text Link

Your chat button appears as a text link on your web page. Please Click here to see how to create a Text Link type button.

Chat Button Scenarios