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Live Chat for public sector

Solution Sheet

Live Chat Security for Public Sector

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Security and privacy are simply non-negotiable for government and public sector organizations. Regardless of the communication channel, maintaining confidentiality and data security are top priorities. If live chat via your website and mobile app is part of your plan, trust Comm100 to satisfy your requirements.

Secure Your Live Chat With On-Premise Deployment

Comm100 Live Chat helps public sector organizations and agencies offer personalized, realtime accessibility and response to stakeholders and constituents. Our flexible configuration and range of deployment options help you take full advantage of this increasingly popular engagement channel while complying with mandated security and privacy requirements.

By storing data on the cloud, you are entrusting a third party with a key asset of your organization – confidential records of your user base. While convenient, this option may not be ideal for government service organizations whom have unique and stringent security requirements.

Comm100’s on-premise deployment option gives government organizations flexibility to keep customer data stored in their own secure environments.

You have complete autonomy over the data management and system update processes used for access to both the platform and the customer data it stores.

Infrastructure-level Security

An enterprise-grade live chat application should have the most secure infrastructure possible to protect from unauthorized access. Comm100 Live Chat is fully compliant with HIPAA, ISO, and PCI-DSS.

All of Comm100’s governing processes, from hardware to software, people and procedures, are ISO 27001 certified. No matter where you are, our secure chat can handle all your privacy, confidentiality, and security concerns. It’s our highest priority to keep your customer data safe and secure.

Under HIPAA, Comm100 Live Chat keeps electronic Personal Health Information (ePHI) within the tool and system components secure. Your ePHI data is safe and secure because it is encrypted both at rest and in transit. Our cloud infrastructure adheres to all firewall and intrusion prevention/detection requirements. Our compliance means we qualify as a Business Associate (BA) as defined by HIPAA regulations.

Comm100 Live Chat is also a PCI-DSS compliant service provider. Our Secure Form allows your customers to send sensitive data through the chat window while keeping it secure. Information Live Chat Security for Healthcare 3 sent through this form is never stored in our database, and agents can only access the data during the chat session. Once the session ends, the data is redacted from chat transcripts and will no longer be accessible to anyone.

Application-level Security

When it comes to security and data privacy, government organizations have to adhere to the highest standards. We use state-of-the-art security protocols and encryption tools to protect your confidential records. Secure chat ensures that sensitive information communicated through your government website will always remain safe and secure.

All data sent through Comm100 Live Chat, including any information collected through forms, is encrypted through HTTPS utilizing the TLS 1.2 protocol. On the agent side, all your passwords are stored in our secure databases and protected through a salted SHA-512 checksum. Custom policies can be set for length, expiration time, reset limits, failed login attempts and more. These policies combine to protect agent accounts from unwanted access.

Our security practices also allow you to place strict controls over agent access to data within live chat. IP restrictions allow you to authorize or ban specific IP addresses or IP address ranges. Limiting agent access from designated IP addresses ensures live chat can only be accessed from your secure intranet. Agent activities can also be tracked through audit logs, providing management with accountability for all actions performed within the application.


By their very nature, government organizations are expected to adhere to the highest standards of security and privacy. In the past this has presented barriers to engagement and communication, as it was simply easier to avoid digitally capturing personal data of any kind. The downside is that government organizations fell out of step with emerging technologies like live chat. Comm100 Live Chat helps you get back in the game with a fully secure and compliant platform that won’t put you at risk.