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Comm100 Super Agent

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Answer all of your chats in one place

If you need to handle numerous chats at once, Comm100 Super Agent is here to give you superpowers. Being a Super Agent, you can observe all of the ongoing chats and tickets from different accounts on one screen. Make sure none of your customers is left behind and answer all inquiries at the speed of light.

See Chats from All Sites at Once

No more need for switching between screens and accounts. Your Super Agent can login once and see all of your ongoing chats at one divided screen, or use the ‘Show chats from all sites’ switch to see all chats on the same screen.

Comm100 Super Agent screenshot

Multiple Site Tabs in the Same Agent Console UI

Separate Business Units with Shared Service Needs

Many businesses have different departments/business units that are run independently, but share some of the service resources. Take University A located in Canada for example, while the Domestic Recruitment department liaises with potential new students from Canada and the International Recruitment department manages potential students from outside of Canada, the Registrar’s Office typically handles overall student enrollments.

The Comm100 Super Agent Premium Platform Service enables such organizations to provide shared services across different business units while allowing granular permission control.

Increased Efficiency for Better Customer Care

To provide efficient, high quality customer service, your agents need to maximize the time they spend resolving complex customer problems and automate their most repetitive tasks. The saved time from managing chats under separate accounts will allow you to chat with even more people.

Manage with Ease

Get the most out of your live chat team with tools built specifically for managers. Set individual agent permissions, chat capacity, and shift schedules, and manage them on the job using chat monitoring, takeover, and agent whispering. When the day is done, assess efficiency and service quality with a wide range of standard reports including a customizable manager dashboard.

Chat that Scales

The Comm100 agent console is designed to put everything an agent needs right at their fingertips. The deeply intelligent routing engine can leverage customer history, browsing info, dynamic visitor segmentation and CRM data to identify who a customer is, why they are reaching out, and put them in touch with the right person every time. This allows you to deploy Comm100 Live Chat in multiple departments, on separate websites or for different use cases and manage it all from a single solution.