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Comm100 Deployment Options: Never compromise your security and privacy requirements

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Not every organization approaches data security and privacy in the same way. That’s why Comm100 offers three distinct software and database deployment options. Choose the one that best fits your needs.

Shared Cloud

The most common Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployment option, Shared Cloud means that your Comm100 solution resides on a cloud server shared by other Comm100 customers. This option offers industry-leading security measures and our unique MaximumOn™ redundancy technology for guaranteed uptime. You enjoy faster deployment and instant access to every future product update.

Private Cloud

Our Private Cloud deployment offers a dedicated server for organizations that want an extra layer of privacy, higher capacity, or custom branding and URLs. It also offers custom feature development based on your unique needs, and full control over software update timing. For extra uptime guarantee, add our MaximumOn™ redundancy technology.


For organizations with more stringent security and privacy requirements, On-Premise offers the highest degree of compliance. All software and data is stored on your own server, in the location of your choice. Your IT team takes over maintenance and updating on their schedule. Configure and extend the capabilities of Comm100 solutions with custom development based on your unique needs.

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