How to choose the best chatbot for your business

While professionals everywhere are excited about chatbot and artificial intelligence, understanding how to get started is another story. Luckily for you, we did the legwork for you as we answer the minefield of a question – how does chatbot technology work? Here’s the core chatbot technical architecture.

Core Bot Technologies

Decision Tree: An “If this… then that” framework that guides the customer to choose from a list of pre-defined scripts and options. This framework can be presented either through keywords or buttons.

Natural Language Processing (NLP): A form of A. I. that analyzes natural human language to help chatbots understand conversational dialog, identify intent, and suggest contextualized resolutions.

Machine Learning: Algorithms that teach a chatbot how to “learn” concepts using data — without being explicitly programmed. Chatbots gain more confidence in their responses based on agent and visitor feedback.

Sentiment Analysis: An automated process that allows a chatbot to extract verbal cues from chats to determine the mood and feelings of a visitor and adapt responses accordingly.

Infographic - Fantastic bots and how to choose them

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