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To Bot, or Not to Bot

Chatbot adoption has rocketed in recent years so technology improves and organizations recognize the impactful benefits it can have on support capacity, customer experience – and ROI.

Chatbot ROI is not difficult to calculate – follow our 5 step-plan below for a rough chatbot ROI estimate, or better still, use our free Chatbot ROI Calculator. Simply input your team’s details and we’ll do the hard math for you!

Why Chatbots?

  • 61% of consumers feel that having Chatbots in customer service is the way of the future.
  • Nearly 50% of consumers already engage in automated conversations with Chatbots.
  • 80% of organizations call artificial intelligence “important”.
  • 61% have plans to incorporate (or continue incorporating) AI into their customer experience for greater AI chatbot ROI.

How Can Chatbots Help Me Save?

Calculating the ROI of Chatbots

Identify Eligible Queries. First, examine what queries your company currently receives over live chat. Then, identify the top simple queries that could be resolved by a Chatbot.

Calculate the Percentage of Chats Dealing with Eligible Queries. Calculate how many of your chats are made up of simple (what a bot could answer) vs complex queries (what an agent should answer). Note that the 80:20 rule usually applies – 20% of queries represent 80% of query traffic.

Calculate Agent Time Spent on Eligible Chats. Calculate the estimated handle time for these types of simple inquiries.

Estimate the Annual Cost of Handling Eligible Chats. Multiply the hourly pay of your agent by the hours spent on these kinds of interactions. Get your annual cost by multiplying your monthly cost by 12.

How Does the Chatbot Stack Up? Compare your annual cost with your quote to find out how much you could save.


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