The Live Chat and Chatbot Guide for Higher Education

The Live Chat and Chatbot Guide for Higher Education

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Competition in higher education is as tough as it gets. The marketing efforts of higher educational institutions are proof enough of this. Institutions are increasing their marketing budgets in an effort to gain even the slightest bit of attention from a demographic that barely has any attention to give.

Millennials (born 1981-1996) and Generation Z (born after 1995) are bombarded with advertising from almost every corner of their lives. Gen Z, the future generation of students, are particularly targeted as brands try to get a slice of their $143 billion spending power. On top of this, the attention span of a Millennial is said to be 12 seconds, and only 8 seconds for Generation Z.

To get this coveted attention, higher educational institutions must therefore do everything they can to meet students where they are and provide them with an experience that they have become accustomed to. Grown up immersed by technology, this means providing speed, accessibility, and convenience across digital mediums.

Live chat and AI are central to this. Live chat and chatbots give higher educational institutions the chance to connect with students where and how they like to communicate. Students can receive fast support that is easily accessible and convenient (as well as via mobile phone which 52% of Gen Z say is their most important internet device.) This is in complete contrast to their relationship with phone calls which this generation is notoriously hostile to.

Students are also most open to chatbots than any other demographics. Gen Z and Millennials are most likely to have used AI in customer service, and are more likely to agree that chatbots make it easier and quicker for their issues to get resolved.

This data clearly indicates a shift towards digital engagement that higher education must embrace if they want to connect with prospective and current students.

But how can higher educational institutions get started? Read on for a comprehensive guide to implementing live chat and chatbots as part of your student experience strategy.

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